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  1. ive been a community member for a long time now and still have yet to be put on the roster
  2. Can't wait to game tmrw :)

    1. Tristan


      cant wait to give my soul up in 2 days :/

  3. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/405683244448494051/1372740B18B6F84A9443E5A1D367EA347C1290DA/ This is what i do to tribe members when they don't log in lol @Gewchie
  4. Hello my name is Derek but you all know me as Dralan in game. im 23yrs old. im a country boy or redneck if you would. if you don't know anything about me or want to know anything im alway's in TS during the week just pop in and say hi.

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