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  1. Theres a few that still play, me, mjm, and like 3 randoms
  2. hands up or live see you in game this is engagement
  3. Don't go to a major city??? there, problem solved. Just move. There, simple, if you kill the cops there leave or keep moving away and you'll eventually get away.
  4. now i got the clickbait out of the way have this, really fucking awesome
  5. ?????? have you even played the game? Its not bad! its graphics are amazing, the gameplay has to be the funnest of any FPS i've played, the movement system is very fluid. Yes, the animations could def use some work, but it's not unplayable. Maybe the Xbone version is shit, but pc is pretty awesome. On PC the game is visually astounding, the landscapes, the vehicles, weapons, all have amazing quality. Overall the game is incredibly beautiful. have ~50hrs and counting
  6. Noooooooooo my time... I only have so much..... Yet you tear me between so many games ;-;
  7. I'M A GOOD PILOT OKAY! The camera just got me fucked up XD Didn't know you were that new lmao, just grabbed the closest officer and went for a ride LOL
  8. @Barddy @Connor @Blackjack and george (whoms name on the forums i don't know)
  9. While i do agree they need pop control, like, i didn't see one clean shot/kill in that. LIke, yeah, but like, no, at least try for a clean kill instead of just shooting anywhere, like seriously.
  10. RGN does not condone advertising for other servers that are not affiliated with RGN. Anyone that does will be removed.
  11. cringe is real HMU i'd school ya in this game, 7/10 ign
  12. Prob wont be around much longer, though if ya wanna talk im on discord or in the centration ts

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