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  1. l33thal

    Admin Meeting @ 5 PM Eastern

    Admin Meeting!!!!
  2. @@Ronduth can we get the price of peaches bumped please.
  3. l33thal

    Admin Meeting @ 6 PM Eastern

    Might have to fudge the time a bit, but this give a couple weeks notice!!!
  4. I'm not sure what I am looking at?
  5. Just wondering why the website is so extremely slow on my Galaxy S6. Is it something with our website the slows it down? I don't have any problems on any other website but ours. It takes literally a minute or so to load pages. Any answers?
  6. l33thal

    Admin Meeting @ 7pm Eastern.

    Will be at 7 pm Eastern!!!
  7. Hey Tac, I'm glad you found your way over here, it will be good to see you around here.
  8. <------- My cool avatar!!

  9. l33thal


    Glad you found your way here!! Welcome to the forums

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