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  1. Hi guys, we want to know what games you want to see us do more with in the future. And by "more" I mean anything from community events to tournaments to servers to just about anything that we can think of and do that will enable us to have fun as a community and to also bring in new members. Here is a poll for you guys, feel free to choose as many games as you want. If you have a game that isn't on the list that you think would serve the community well, feel free to add it as a reply to this topic. We will be looking at the top picks after a few days and seeing what we want to do from there. Thanks for y'all's input.
  2. 2017 Yamaha YZF-R1 Its soo damn sexy. Also Dream car is McLaren 675Lt Spider And that's fully customized too
  3. Pizza is lyfe, and the color green is pretty dope.
  4. Wait for AMD Zen benchmarks in January. If a new CPU is releasing wait for benchmarks. The speculation I have seen is that the SR7 chip, the 8 core/16 threads top of the line, will be equivalent to an i7 5960x and will only be around $450, so less than half the price. So I highly recommend waiting to see how it actually does.
  5. Hell Yeah!!!! Planetary Annihilation Men of War Assault Squad 2 All of the Wargame series Crusader Kings 2 Europa Universalis 4 Trial version of HOI4 HOI3 Anno 2070 Banished Company of Heroes 2 XCOM Endless Legend Civ 5 Did I list enough?
  6. Always love the giveaways man, keep on rockin!
  7. As an update, TS redirects (ts.recklessnetwork.com, ts3.recklessnetwork.com and now simply recklessnetwork.com) and mc/ftb.recklessnetwork.com are in working order. Most DNS issues should be resolved and emails will be coming soon. Thank you all for your patience and support!
  8. How goes it everybody?!?
  9. You can change your name on the multiplayer screen in the top right side.
  10. Buddytex

    New PC Build.

    The simple fact is if he installs Windows to that 1TB WD Blue HDD as a standard install he will not be able to clone that install to anything but an SSD of atleast 1TB or greater.
  11. Buddytex

    New PC Build.

    Not a standard windows install on a 1TB HDD to a, most likely smaller, SSD. Unless you do fancy things with partitions, and I'm assuming he is not going to mess with that. And your comment about OEMs imaging has no relevance.
  12. Buddytex

    New PC Build.

    Ideally yes, as you won't be able to transfer your Windows install the the SSD from the HDD. If are okay with having to reinstall windows (Note: You have an OEM, 1 license, copy of windows in your list, generally they will give a new key for reinstall but its a bit of a pain) then you could get it after the fact. Out of experince, I would never install an OS on anything but an SSD, gotta go fast. What I had in my list *should* stay within your budget.

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