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  1. Expansion of RGN

    Hi guys, we want to know what games you want to see us do more with in the future. And by "more" I mean anything from community events to tournaments to servers to just about anything that we can think of and do that will enable us to have fun as a community and to also bring in new members. Here is a poll for you guys, feel free to choose as many games as you want. If you have a game that isn't on the list that you think would serve the community well, feel free to add it as a reply to this topic. We will be looking at the top picks after a few days and seeing what we want to do from there. Thanks for y'all's input.
  2. Dream Car/Motorcycle?

    2017 Yamaha YZF-R1 Its soo damn sexy. Also Dream car is McLaren 675Lt Spider And that's fully customized too
  3. Pizza is lyfe, and the color green is pretty dope.
  4. Switch to intel?

    Wait for AMD Zen benchmarks in January. If a new CPU is releasing wait for benchmarks. The speculation I have seen is that the SR7 chip, the 8 core/16 threads top of the line, will be equivalent to an i7 5960x and will only be around $450, so less than half the price. So I highly recommend waiting to see how it actually does.
  5. John Snow trying to get people to play better games

    @John_SnowTHANKS! We gotta play latter!
  6. John Snow trying to get people to play better games

    Hell Yeah!!!! Planetary Annihilation Men of War Assault Squad 2 All of the Wargame series Crusader Kings 2 Europa Universalis 4 Trial version of HOI4 HOI3 Anno 2070 Banished Company of Heroes 2 XCOM Endless Legend Civ 5 Did I list enough?
  7. New Rust Server?

    Well, I'll just say, I have in fact played a lot of Rust in general. I have also played a few hours on the current RGN Rust server, but I also played many hours on the RGN server before it. So I do know what I am talking about. Its the same issues every time. A fresh start doesn't require a million changes, simply you just need a world reset on a schedule. Sure we can add some more plugins and what not but that doesn't bring population and keep it. What keeps population is the community on the server and from what I've seen in the past and to some extent now, it isn't there. Also, I don't care that your typing sucks, I'll just say that I find it hard for people to bother to spend the 20 minutes it takes to read it.
  8. New Rust Server?

    Those are two separate things Tod. And editing is broken so I'll double post. That can be fixed with server config very easily, no need for new everything.
  9. New Rust Server?

    I swear Tod, can you even English? Also restarting the server doesn't fix the people which is the only issue I've heard of. So is there and actual issue with the current mods and what not?
  10. completed Matthew's Surprise Giveaway!

    Always love the giveaways man, keep on rockin!
  11. 1v1 Tourney?

    Bruh, its in the Rocket League subforum, so nah
  12. 1v1 Tourney?

    I think we have enough players we could do a 1v1 tournament. Anybody interested?
  13. The State of our Webservices

    As an update, TS redirects (ts.recklessnetwork.com, ts3.recklessnetwork.com and now simply recklessnetwork.com) and mc/ftb.recklessnetwork.com are in working order. Most DNS issues should be resolved and emails will be coming soon. Thank you all for your patience and support!
  14. Hola

    How goes it everybody?!?