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  1. You totally contradict yourself in this post! "So you can Identify with your gang" Come on. Do you really think we were born yesterday.
  2. You will be unbanned. I am vouching for you so if you fuck up it is MY NECK! Please do not make me regret this! And welcome back~!
  3. O my god another younger brother strikes again. You kids need to come up with better stories then my little brother or my father pulled my internet cord. DO YOU THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID? SHAME ON YOU YOU.....
  4. I have heard this more times then i have been taxed in real life! If you are going to lie come up with a better one.
  5. Role play comes from the individual not what is available in the game. And sorry but the majority of people who play on our server are mental midgets who have no idea what real RP is!!! This is one of the main reason i don't play Altis life anymore. Either they have pistols or they have assault rifles does not matter.
  6. WoW this is just fucking stupid. Can i get the last 5 min of my life back?
  7. This is completely untrue. LMGs are the most used out of any class. As soon as a player has the opportunity to use it they do!!!!! This is another statement that is completely untrue. I have slaughtered hundreds of people with the MK variants. Especially the MK1 ( I miss using these guns because if you are not rocking one of the belt feds then good luck!) IF you could track the Gun usages in the KOTH games you would see that the Navids, SPMGs, Zaphirs, .408 and Lynx APDS are the most abused guns in the game. I know this is KOTH but in my opinion if you want to use them then go to Code4 or Hostiletakeover. But if you are true RGN and want to help the community you would at least give it a try. No guns have been removed yet but the crying is at a epic level. I wanted to try a unique server that required you to be a crack shot not a spray and pray player. A Server were you could use the guns that no one plays with such as the Mar10,MK variants, etc. You don't have to be a crack shot to use the .408 or the Lynx or any any of the belt feds i have mentioned. I think this is funny as shit! Have not seen any of you except @Connor @William Ranger or @Draxt on KOTH for Months and now all of a sudden after @Ronduth grants me a server you all come out of the closet and start crying about we shouldn't do this and we should do that. All i wanted was a test run for a week to see if we could be different maybe bring something fresh to the Arma Scene! If it failed it was on my shoulders if it succeeded it would help RGN but Fuck it!
  8. 1. DON'T BE A DICK! IT'S A GAME HAVE FUN! 2. A player breaking rules is not an excuse for you to break rules: If you find someone breaking the rules please contact an admin on the Teamspeak or put a player report up on the forums. Dont get yourself in trouble for someone else behaviour. 3. Do not abuse in-game communications: No VOIP in global. No excessive language, racism or Homophobic Slurs. No music spam or anything to be annoying in side chat. No music in direct chat while at base period. 4. No cheating, hacking, or glitching/exploiting: IE: Glitching through walls and Towers will not be tolerated and you will be banned Permanently! Cheating of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Exploiting consists of using any game bugs for an unfair advantage. 5. No trolling: This rule is pretty self explanatory, Do not be a dick and have fun. This means- NO VEHICLE BOMBING, Purposely destroying friendly vehicles in spawn, no blocking signs to buy items and Do not take your teammates items! Revive them instead. 6. No team-killing: Team killing of any kind is not allowed! Using vehicles at base to friendly fire is a ban-able offense and will not be taken lightly. There is NO case which friendly fire is acceptable. 7. No entering vehicles without permission!!: No Vehicle bombing what so ever. Permanent ban will follow! Only enter someone's vehicle with permission! This is to not cause drama between teammates which usually leads to team killing. 8. Engagement rules: No entering enemy bases No camping above any safe zones (if caught there will be punishments)
  9. 50+ on now?
  10. Guys this is a test that i wanted to try. Precision shooting not just spray and pray. If it is complete shit today then we can revert it back!
  11. @Ronduth @Connorand i Would like to tag team a server with specific parameters?
  12. Was discussed in Core chat and your ban will not be lifted. Please move on!
  13. under review

    Once Again i said this was my fault due to me being in Vehicle chat! I have been on this server since the beginning and do not RDM. I tried to message the person i RDMed but go no message back. My Shadow play was not up to date so the recording is FOBAR! I know likely excuse! But if you need a video to believe me then.......................(when was my integrity compromised?) Not including i was RDMed twice that night already bye 55. Don't see me acting like a child reporting people. Nope i just sucked it up sent a quick message and went on with my night! On the other side of this since no one contacted me before this report. There will be no compensation. This idea of i am going to report someone to scare them into compensation is complete crap! I see this all the time in side chat. COMP me or get REPORTED. Secondly Reporting for other players is a bit ludicrous! If the person who i wronged is not in this chat then i feel he doesn't care about this report! He could have used the video about and reported it himself! I feel this report was specifically posted to go after either myself or Most likely @Connor bye @Andy27832because he does not like one of us or both of us! @Ronduthi feel is my only peer and accept any judgment he has! PS.-The only reason i closed it was due to inactivity from anyone 4 days. Not because i was trying to brush it under the rug!
  14. under review

    Ok then! Since there has been no effort to contact me this will be close. This report seemed like a stab towards either me or Connor. Please refrain from these in the future if you or the person you are report for are serious!
  15. under review

    I was screaming in vehicle chat. This is my bad. I agree from your point of view. Unfortunately i do not have a video. Connor just shot after i did. I will take any action required bye a pier of mine!

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