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    Instead of saying you miss it. Give us examples of why you miss it.
  2. Ideas for new awards!

    Call it the Barrdy Award and i would be honored! I would have to hear a video or audio of their outrage to make sure it is up to my standards~!
  3. Ideas for new awards!

    Participating trofy!
  4. i miss altis

    Close Altis/Malden down 2k17!
  5. [OP4 Private] Daquan

    You will be unbanned. I am vouching for you so if you fuck up it is MY NECK! Please do not make me regret this! And welcome back~!
  6. Raine Eleskinex - Ban Appeal

    O my god another younger brother strikes again. You kids need to come up with better stories then my little brother or my father pulled my internet cord. DO YOU THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID? SHAME ON YOU YOU.....
  7. Dream's - Ban Appeal

    I have heard this more times then i have been taxed in real life! If you are going to lie come up with a better one.
  8. KOTH Server?

    @Ronduth @Connorand i Would like to tag team a server with specific parameters?
  9. Gunner ban dispute

    Was discussed in Core chat and your ban will not be lifted. Please move on!
  10. Whether you knew that you were being record or not is not a valid excuse. That is a child's excuse. Its the internet nothing is private. As for what you said in the stream i have been told that is was...... "semantics, bigotry, and racism terms" As for being a toxic player it is not only what you say but how you acted in game. OP4 ruined tons of new and veteran players fun with you lack of role play over rule play. This ban will not be lifted. So please stop putting in ban disputes!
  11. DayZ Standalone RP Server

    I like the idea!
  12. Apples ban dispute

    Apples, You will not be unbanned until 14 days from now! The combat log is the least of the issues! First you RDMed a public officer, Second you combat logged no matter what excuse you use, Third you Killed a complying civilian. I have no tolerance for this type of play. IE: SHIT ROLEPLAY Please learn from this because next one will be permanent!
  13. I have returned from exile

    sup dude~!
  14. Reckless Invasions

    Ladies and Gentleman would you like to get your kill on? I as sure as hell do! If so Join myself and a Handful of Founders such as the man @Ronduth for Reckless invasions. Since the tragic death of our beloved server. The administration would like one night a week were the Hard core RGNers come together and wreck havoc on other people servers. (All in good fun and within the rules!) Such as Arma III, Rust, etc. I am calling all run and gunners for this Saturday the 10th of September at 6pm Est Standard. 4 Tanoa Wasteland I have been having a absolute ball with this one & have money and armor for everyone. So Please Pen Us in for Saturday Evening for some good old murder!