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    Instead of saying you miss it. Give us examples of why you miss it.
  2. Ideas for new awards!

    Call it the Barrdy Award and i would be honored! I would have to hear a video or audio of their outrage to make sure it is up to my standards~!
  3. Ideas for new awards!

    Participating trofy!
  4. Negative Response inserted~!
  5. rdm and combat logging

    You have to be careful with "Hands up or die!" general initiation because this is what happens!
  6. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    One kill constitutes? God i do not miss this~! Close Altis down 2K17
  7. I will be closing this report due to not enough video evidence~!
  8. You will need to upload more video from the beginning of the engagement. There is not enough info at the moment.
  9. Rebels getting the same shit cops do.

    Honestly you have not been here long enough to think this is the worst post snowflake! I have seen this post 1000 times. Same shit different Month~! It is also infuriating to have it started by a RGN member! Of course i am out of line in your eyes! But the truth hurts! If you think this is Bull shit you are in for a rude awaking in life to come~! The only elitist attitude i see is you on you high and mighty horse barking at me tough guy~! This is RGN Everything affect me! I have been here since the beginning and will be here long after you young man~!
  10. Rebels getting the same shit cops do.

    RP Server not a Wasteland\KOTH Server. But most of you children would get smoked on a Wasteland or KOTH server. So that is why they/you come to Altis/Malden. For one, the cops have rules/Procedures. Rebel do not. As a rebel you can "hands up or die" which is what passes for RP these days. Be honest with yourselves! All you have to do too get these items is to play as a cop. But none of you want to because you have to RP as a cop, you have procedures as a cop, you have supervisors as a cop. Once again Be honest with yourselves and just admit you only play Malden Life to kill cops/civs! So you want the best killing machines in the game! For Two a Government Funded organization will always have better hardware then a drug funded organization. So this idea of Fairness is fairy fucking dust! Do you know why it is Fairy dust? Because the world is not fair! But i don't expect any of you children who still live with mommy and daddy or are in your sheltered college campuses will understand. Comments/post like these and the current state of the players on our server is why most of us hard core lifers do not play anymore.
  11. i miss altis

    Close Altis/Malden down 2k17!
  12. @Ronduth thought i forgot about our serious talk!
  13. 2 gangs at once

    You totally contradict yourself in this post! "So you can Identify with your gang" Come on. Do you really think we were born yesterday.