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  1. Congratulations To Our New Admins!

    Congratulations everyone!
  2. Lstolte

    Welcome! Glad you made an introduction. Do you also play WOW then? I'll add you on bnet. If you do play WOW, even casually, hit me up and you can join some of us in that game as well
  3. Donation - Rayden - 10.0!

    Thanks for the donation, Rayden!
  4. Department Officers

    Congratulations everyone!
  5. My first published book!

    Grats @Ryan! That's a pretty sweet achievement to make! And you already got two 5 star reviews as well!
  6. Introduction

    Welcome and thank you for making an introduction. Happy early birthday
  7. Nordy's Introduction

    Welcome! Have you tried 7 days to die yet? It's a survival/zombie game and based on your introduction you might like it. I believe Dark is also trying to get a minecraft server up and running as well.
  8. hi im riley

    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  9. Donation - Matthew - 50.0!

    Thanks for the donation as well as for all you do like Ron said!
  10. Donation - Eagles - 10.0!

    Thanks for the donation @Eagles!
  11. Donation - MoneyB - 25.0!

    Thanks for the donation @MoneyB!
  12. Congratulations to our new recruits and promotions! Permissions are being updated so if you don't have your Forums, Discord, and TS permissions in the next 24 hours, please let me know! Recruit @ManofConstantGold @Ms Tough Stuff @Skyfus Community Member @mav2003 @V. Putin Senior Member @Butch Coolidge If you are confused about our ranking structure, please check our information thread here: Link to our make an application: If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, about why you weren't recruited or promoted - please don't hesitate to reach out and I will talk with you one on one.
  13. RGN October Newsletter 2017

    Very good job @John Falcon!