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  1. Congratulations and welcome!
  2. Overview: The Reckless Gaming guild is an alliance guild that was created in summer 2016 on the Bonechewer server. The guild's leaders consist of veteran players that like to both participate in PVE and PVP. A few months ago, the guild was moved over to the PVE server, Stormrage. This decision was made because Stormage is a highly populated server. Back at the beginning of Legion when we were raiding consistently, we ran into issues with recruitment because there simply weren't that many people to recruit. We utilize discord as our primary means of communication. You can join our discord at https://discord.gg/rgn. Guild Ranks: Leader -Those of us who first created the guild. Officer (Officer Alt) - Most trusted members with a wide range of duties, including but not limited to recruiting and managing the guild by inviting or kicking if necessary. Raider - Those that will be raiding with us. Will be required to continually play their class effectively as well as be an active member. Core Member - Those who have shown to be leaders, must be part of RGN. Veteran Member - Those who stick around and bleed reckless pride! Member - Those who have created a forum account and shown interest in staying with the community. Recruit - This is the entry level into the guild. Gold Repairs Limit Per Day: Raider Plus: 300g Veteran Member: 30g Social Member: 20g Recruit: 10g Anyone is welcome to the guild and invites are open to all. Anyone can also invite to the guild. Each person that is invited will start out as a recruit. If a person wants to apply to be a member, they simply need to create a forum account and then message one of the officers/founders within the guild so that their rank can be upgraded. If members would like to apply for Veteran Member, they will need to be accepted into the RGN community. Once accepted into the community their rank will be upgraded within the guild. Though you do not necessarily have to be a part of the RGN community, it is recommended and encouraged. Please let us know if you have any questions. We're best reached by discord.
  3. What is your standard Bojangles order? What is your favorite color? What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life?
  4. Touri


    Welcome! Glad you made an introduction. Do you also play WOW then? I'll add you on bnet. If you do play WOW, even casually, hit me up and you can join some of us in that game as well
  5. Thanks for the donation, Rayden!
  6. Grats @Ryan! That's a pretty sweet achievement to make! And you already got two 5 star reviews as well!
  7. Welcome and thank you for making an introduction. Happy early birthday
  8. Welcome! Have you tried 7 days to die yet? It's a survival/zombie game and based on your introduction you might like it. I believe Dark is also trying to get a minecraft server up and running as well.
  9. Touri

    hi im riley

    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. Thanks for the donation as well as for all you do like Ron said!

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