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  1. Age: 28 Experience: Quite a few hours on vanilla and FTB, though it's been at least a couple years since I've played either. Username: touricroft
  2. Introduction

    Welcome! Hope you continue to enjoy your stay here!
  3. Altis Life Game Managers

  4. Introduction

    Welcome! We have an old guy around here from your area. He's super cool so I have hopes you are, too
  5. Worth buying?

    If I had to guess I would say the life span is going to be decently long because it's from the same people that did Ark and Ark was regularly updated for over 2 years and just recently released fully.
  6. Razzy - Introduction

    Welcome! Paronity seems like an alright guy so you must be, too Enjoy your stay here!
  7. You should Eagles! It's definitely got potential. They just did a hotfix today to fix one of the biggest issues with the game - hit boxes/harvesting. There are already patch notes for a huge update soon to fix more issues so they're actively working on it. As long as it continues with this trend, I think it will be an awesome game.
  8. Worth buying?

    I'd say it's worth buying - even better - con someone else to buy it for you If you join I'll role play with you! I try to role play with Yami but he turns me down
  9. bolt - introduction

    Welcome to the community! I'm glad you're enjoying it here so much
  10. Epidemic's Introduction

    Welcome! What games do you play? Or what games are you interested in playing?
  11. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome and grats!!!!!!!!
  12. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    I like July because it's the slower period for my work and I can take more vacation days to game
  13. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    I might buy Tower Unite or maybe GTA V if it goes on sale again!
  14. Probably time I Introduce myself!

    Welcome!!! I play siege pretty frequently, as do others. You should play with us sometime. My username on Uplay is Tarece. Hope to see you around
  15. Reckless WoW v2.0?

    Until wow goes free to play I won't be trying it for quite some time. Or I'll maybe try it if they do a huge update that drastically changes the game as it is now. It's not that I hate wow, I just can't justify paying 15 a month for it or do the horrible task of farming enough gold to cover the monthly cost. You should try out guild wars 2. It is free so you can try it out pretty extensively before deicing if you like it. Of course, if you really get into it you will want to buy the $30 expansion. You also need this to raid. Still $30 is a one time fee that you'd rack up in just 2 months playing in wow.