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  1. First of the year! Rayden AMA 01/14/18

    Have you always lived in the Czech Republic? If not, where were you born? If you could spend the afternoon with anyone that is alive or has ever lived, who would it be and why? What do you do for work? How did you find RGN?
  2. RGN December Newsletter 2017

    Nice work @John Falcon can't wait to read January's
  3. Happy Birthday @Zemvand @Toxicgaming12 Hope you guys have a great B-Day weekend! MiAtCh
  4. Darwin Project Alpha Key giveaway!

    The winners have been drawn and notified! Thanks to all that joined in the retweeting and hopefully we can get more keys in the future, the game will be available to play this entire weekend and will return back to dev/tester status Sunday night after the test weekend is over. Enjoy yourselves, the game is very enjoyable and we will probably see each other in game !
  5. To all RGN forum members, we have been given 5 Darwin Project Alpha keys for you to win and play this weekend during another live test. All you have to do is Retweet this: in your own twitter. At 6 pm EST, I will draw five names to win these keys and you'll be able to download and play as soon as you get them.
  6. Where are my streamers at?

    This is not a response to what the OP requested rofl Just so you know @John Falcon
  7. Where are my streamers at?

    I used to stream quite often before TWC decided to make my internet even worse than it was...Now I'm unable to do much online due to the fact that in every 60 seconds that passes, I will have dropped to 0.0002 Mb/s and then right back up to the shit 5 Mb/s even though I pay a shit load of money per month for at LEAST 100 Mb/s down and at LEAST 50 Mb/s up. Their claim is that the hot summer weather and the colder winter weather causes the issues and my thoughts are "if it only happened on hot or cold days, then maybe, BUT it happens every 60 seconds exactly and has been happening for over a year now....new cable lines were buried and run to the house and hardware has been replaced multiple times....leaving only one possible cause... TWC is throttling/limiting my internet speeds and usage" (That USED to be illegal a few hours ago!). I use OBS, my twitch name is MonkeyInATrap and I would stream every day if I could
  8. Goodbye RGN!

    Editing your post makes us look like fools bc now it says you're leaving ! Take care and good luck in the future.
  9. Escape From Tarkov

    i might be thinking of a different game that's similar. Idk tho lol
  10. Donation - Touri - 20.0!

    Thank you Touri
  11. Goodbye RGN!

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. State Trooper Update

    I'll disagree with that and say one thing, no one is above reproach and everyone must slay their own demons in life. You obviously have some shit you need to work out and it was clear to the panel of Troopers as well. You came to me many times asking for advice and some of it was candid, some of it was forced. I have told you on every single occasion, no one will ever believe in you unless you believe in yourself and putting everything that's happened to the side, you have to be willing to let go of everything else in order to focus on one thing. You can fix w/e is wrong and go back to try again. No one succeeds without failures, if they did then none of us would be here. Everyone must make their own way in this world and everything has a price. The question is: Are you willing to pay that price to be where you want to be?
  13. Escape From Tarkov

    Will there be a VR version of this? I thought I read that somewhere, and if so, I will get it for the Vive.
  14. Donation - VapeStarXXXL - 0.01!

    Thank you, I suppose lol (.01 is better than nothing?)