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  1. I will actually tell you Happy Birthday my dude. Hope it was awesome.
  2. @DarkHow many illegitimate chilren do you have? ( I heard 8 ) Muah. What type socks you wear normally? Would you say short or long? Lighter or Darker? Stripes or designs? or do you were thongs**? **Thongs are a sandal worn around the world also commonly known as "Flip-Flops" in the western society's.
  3. it should be live too imo.... Having a podcast that is only recorded makes it not really a podcast right? Just a video of folks chatting about points. I feel like the topics should revolve around gaming specifically and gaming related things but occasionally talk about things going on around here, the discord, on twitch or in the news if its a big deal and without any political spins/bias so no one gets triggered and rants about us being liberal snowflakes or bigoted right wingers ya know?
  4. OMG Happy Birthday my dude, PM a game you want or something I can get for ya much love my dude, and hopefully it was a great one. Let me know what you want please
  5. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay.
  6. Welcome to the club my friend....enjoy yourself.
  7. Welcome, hope you enjoy the community! What role do you play in LoL?
  8. What book did you read most recently? Was it any good? Welcome to the community.
  9. Lee back

    Welcome back...didn't quite understand your sentence but I appreciate the originality of it, lol.
  10. Very much appreciated! Thank you
  11. Flyin' high my dude...thank you for the support!
  12. Thank you very much friend.
  13. My man, thank you for the support dude.

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