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    My genius son, football, rugby, COMPUTERS AND GAMING, building things with my son, movies, only a few television shows, I really enjoy writing and have had 5 poems published since college. I enjoy drawing as well, but that's a tad harder to me than writing rofl.

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    (working on an el gato)
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    Focusrite solo 2
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  1. What name were you using when you were banned?
  2. Yup these guys are on our radar and are going to be removed until they learn the rules. Thanks for the report, but since I've already seen this video and taken action for THIS particular incident, I will be moving forward with other punishments based on more evidence from others. Thank you again.
  3. Have video coming of next combat log.
  4. What happened to my post?
  5. Here's my stance. You want people to RP with you but your first instinct is to attempt to VDM that officer. Don't do illegal truck missions if you don't want to get arrested. Simple simple simple. Now as for you bitching at the officer the entire time instead of RP'ng, That's your own fault and you need to practice how to RP FIRST, whine/report second. If you DON'T RP with anyone, how do you know if they'll cooperate with you. Also, you could have asked for a higher ranking officer and spoke to him about this. The problems come from both sides, and since the officers problems were already pointed out I'm going to be a little more on you than the cop. You immediately start crying fail rp and that you've recorded it before even trying to RP and then you go out of game to do other things while being arrested. I feel like you should both be punished since we did say we're taking a harder stance on this kind of stuff but its deathview's report. I just wanted you to know that you can't complain or cry about Fail RP when you did absolutely nothing to help the situation, or attempt to RP yourself.
  6. Here's part of the issues IMHO and no disrespect to anyone out there. The only thing people seem worried about is making money, the amount of people on the server yesterday was great, HOWEVER, the lack of Role-Play was abysmal. I can NOT believe that the entire time I was on the server, I witnessed only three RP situations. That's just sad. Maybe it'll pick up in the near future, because I sure would enjoy some good old fashioned RP with random and especially newer players.
  7. So stoked on the idea of serious RP coming back. Can't wait to actually interact with other players again instead of it being this "i must win win win at all costs" mindset. I hope people will take on their roles as they were supposed to be doing from day one on Altis Life. The only thing I can say about this is that nothing should negate RP on any RP server. If you want to allow civs the right to shoot cops at any time when they're wanted, you should give cops the right to taze/down anyone that is wanted without RP as well. I understand you want immersion and more realistic stuff BUT, you can't just allow people to shoot cops on sight without any RP....that isn't what RP is for. If they're wanted and are in the middle of RP and want to pull their weapon out, maybe, but just because they're wanted, or have a stolen vehicle, it shouldn't be excusable, no matter who they are, to just shoot. This is a public RP server, if it were a Whitelisted server this would make total sense...I just don't see the validity of it unless you allow it on both sides of the law. I love the idea of it (but on a whitelisted server where people must know the rules of the server before joining etc).
  8. Player Banned: [RGN]Ronduth (fake)Server: teamspeakBan Reason: Impersonating founderBan Length: permanentlyUUID: jz439Se4PlFzyjpdxl22oKcM45s= Poked me with this while the real Ronduth was in AFK channel: <06:31:55> "[RGN]Ronduth" pokes you: wheres my rank wtf <06:34:21> "[RGN]Ronduth" was banned permanently from the server by "[RGN] MiAtCh" (impersonating Founder)
  9. Player Banned: karkasServer: teamspeakBan Reason: Mic spamming/trolling/channel hoppingBan Length: PermanentlyUUID: 4/NBocKrOGcnA0UxHnws+N6aDp8=
  10. Nice, add the footage here, in my Hobby Hole ;). Yup, of course.
  11. temp banned

    Player Banned: Nate Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Poking admins with disrespectful messages after warning Ban Length: 3 days UUID: vq2oqo0Wb0jRrFivV8cNi0jG9WQ=
  12. temp banned

    Player Banned: Toxic Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Trolling/disrespect Ban Length: 3 days UUID: y3rY2nHtc2Zvd0rHh4/AhFH0c/Y=
  13. Sorry jacob, not going to unban you. You know as well as I do that it was not a game crash. I watched you disconnect with my own eyes while you were in the cops custody. I suggest you spend your time reading our server rules so that if you ever get unbanned, you will not behave the way you have here since you started playing on our server. good luck. BTW, its not that I did not want to talk to you in TS, i pulled you into the active support channel multiple times and you just sat there and went afk, so, don't make it look like I did anything I didn't. Thanks and again, good luck in the future. MiAtCh <20:23:23> "jacob" was moved from channel "Waiting Room" to "Support Room 1" by "[RGN] MiAtCh" <20:23:53> "jacob" was moved from channel "Support Room 1" to "Welcome Lobby" by "[RGN] MiAtCh" <20:24:03> "jacob" switched from channel "Welcome Lobby" to "Waiting Room" <20:25:42> "jacob" was moved from channel "Waiting Room" to "Support Room 1" by "[RGN] MiAtCh" <20:26:13> "jacob" was moved from channel "Support Room 1" to "Welcome Lobby" by "[RGN] MiAtCh" Just in case you try to say I'm lying...i pulled you in over and over and you literally just went afk each time

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