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  1. just_a_turkey

    Tabletop Simulator Event


    I’m down for any game but Catan would be rad!
  2. Figured I’d put this out there: if you need any help with homework (whether it’s your own or your kid’s) let me know! I currently teach middle school social studies, but I’m certified and have experience with high school as well. I’ve also taught language arts, math, and social skills, specializing in working with kids with learning disabilities. Sometimes you just need a task or concept explained or modeled in a different way and I love helping, so don’t hesitate to ask!
  3. Hey I’m Patrick or just a turkey. I’m 28 and have been living in Florida for the past 10 years. I teach middle school, love cats, and am working on buying a house which is basically consuming my life this summer. I play a lot of Siege, but sometimes Rocket League and PUBG. I love Siege and have been playing R6 games since the early days. I’m alright at it, I have my good and bad days, but I’m a team player and while I try not to be aggro and keep it chill I’m pretty competitive at heart. I’m also a DnD nerd and I’m DMing for two groups at the moment in addition to running a DnD club at the school I teach at. I love baseball, I love the Yankees don’t @ me lol, and have played softball for the past four years or so. Met some of y’all in a casual Siege game and had a fun time doing strat roulette. It’s nice to meet some legitimately chill and non-toxic people on Siege so I’m stoked to keep hanging and making some cool friends. If you want to play Siege or need help with your/your kid’s homework hit me up!

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