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  1. I play on PC, Eagles. And Infernal, you should definitely get BO3, well worth getting it. Even without the DLCs, its a great game.
  2. Hey there, my name is Luke (AKA Syrenaye), I'm 15 years old and currently study programming in school, but when I'm not studying I'm playing games. More specifically, CS:GO, Hollow Knight, R6 Siege, Neverwinter, Black Ops 3, and generally most Open World games. I enjoy meeting new people online to play games with and just chat with because, well, I'm not very good with socialising in real life lol. But anyway, I'm also attempting to learn music production and GFX (if you need any GFX please don't ask me because I'm still not very good at either of these things). And when I'm not doing any of those things I'm doing things like making memes/looking at memes. So, that basically sums me up. That's my introduction and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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