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  1. @Ronduthcould you please send me a new discord invite? Whenever I join it keeps saying it is invalid.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Vexento, although most of my friends call me Vex or X. I am a experienced Arma player with most of my experience coming from Arma RP and KOTH. I usually played modded life servers such as ALRP and EZRP were I served in the LSPD and EMS teams where I also severed in leadership positions. I recently have decided to come back to Altis due to the lack of modded life servers and simply that I missed vanilla Arma. Recently, my friend told me about this community and how it is bring the idea of bringing back its Altis life server and if it does come back I would love to participate in its release and serve in th EMS and police department here, possibly even in leadership/supervisor positions. I also was brung here as I was told this community was very laid back and chill and that is something that I look for when I join a community. Well, that’s it for my introduction, hope to see you guys around!

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