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  1. Well, make sure stuff will fit, you are gonna need a graphics card so I would say for right now a GTX 1080 is the best option, for later? more stuff and better stuff will come out for sure. I would also suggest a SSD to either install your OS or your games onto so it will go a bit quicker.
  2. Congratumalations comrades!! I think I lost all my chances tho :*(
  3. Noooooooooo, this sounds delicious. @TheMindDoctor You should start a recipie thread lol!
  4. Thx man, have the game but now can give it to a couple of friends
  5. I would like this too, play some one my own.
  6. Roz

    First Win :D

    Frying pan is god......
  7. Nice games and the pan is godly, a. Bullet vacuum. But what processor are you running. Cause I got a gtx 1070 sc but still see no increase in frames even on lowest settings.
  8. happy bday guys!!!!!
  9. Roz

    Cero Introduction

    Welcome!! Saw you on cop yesterday too.
  10. Clickbait, sorry
  11. I noticed that I would receive less bottlenecking with the 1070 first believe it or not, the i5 2500K is a trooper. Otherwise working to make some cash and upgrade to a new processor
  12. @Al Hoff I might be interested in that processor as I need an upgrade, anything I need to know or has it been sold or on hold for anyone?
  13. I just got a 1070 too!!! It is nice however I am bottle necking with a i5 2500k so if U have a processor ill take it lol
  14. Smash

    Happy Birthday!!!!! xoxo

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