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  1. Wait when the update!! i am still looking for turtles
  2. anybody seen this show yet? Violent animal attacks upon humans are occurring all over the world. Jackson Oz, an American zoologist and his Kenyan friend, Abraham, a safari guide, as well as a Los Angeles reporter, a quirky veterinary pathologist, and a French intelligence agent all seek to investigate the mysterious pandemic as the attacks become more coordinated and ferocious. Opening introduction, episode 4 (narrated by Nonso Anozie): For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. Zoo wiki
  3. welcome to the forums.
  4. qeustion what did that lightpole do to you? he got VDM`d
  5. made a few background whit rgn logo on it. also added a few whit the new logo.
  6. Is now free on origins. get it while it last
  7. Welcome to the forums.
  8. Just perm ban. time to get rid of these shoot first idiots.

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