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  1. Reckless Tactical Realism Group Hello, my fellow community members my name is Nick Porter, and I would like to start a Tactical Realism Group for RGN called Reckless Tactical Realism Group I have many hours in Milsim units, and leadership roles within those Milsim units. A Tactical Realisim Group is not a milsim, the diffrence between a milsim unit and a Tactical Realsim Group is that a milsim unit is more private and has their own teamspeak and website, but a Tactical Realsim is more open to the public, it also doesn't require a decdicated server, or a teamspeak server overall this is also a good thing for the community as some of the Arma 3 Altis Life players or players, in general, are looking for a good way to get back into the grove of something that is run by a community. I know that Reckless911 is doing good, and I love that I am a cop on it. My Tactical Realism Group will not decrease the player population because the time we will have are ops (Missions) would be on Sunday night for about two hours, or on Saturday nights. In my eyes, this would boost more of the population of the community that played Arma 3 doing something they like, and they may also invite friends which they could, later on, join Reckless911. Now enough about all that and let's talk about what the Tactical Realism Group would be doing. Every Saturday or Sunday we would be doing ops that would last about 1 hour and 30mins or 2 hours, It all depends on the mission. The RTRG (Reckless Tactical Realism Group) would be based on the United States Military Special Forces Groups. The crave for Tactical Realism Groups has spiked in the last 2 months, this is also another reason why RGN should have its own TRG. I hope you guys support me, and please tell me what you think! If you have questions or see yourself with RTRG join our discord. | Discord Link: https://discord.gg/QXcMkj6

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