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    Warhammer 40K universe, I used to draw (My profile pic is one of the drawings), Music (Mostly the good 'ol lady Rock), All kinds of games, Books (Love Terry Prattchet's Discworld series), Field hockey.
  1. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    Nah, We've had a blast that game with Razzy and Riipa. The bet was about Riipa dying to a blue zone, but he snuck into the safe area with 1% HP. It was great.
  2. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    I've lost a bet in Pubg, so here's another twenty bucks.
  3. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    Oh man! You got me there.
  4. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    I've joined few weeks ago and been playing League of Legends, PUBG with the others. I am mostly active on the Discord. Also, there's my introduction.
  5. Riipaa here!

    Well met! @Riipa and welcome to the forum!
  6. Rayden's Introduction

    What's up.
  7. Rayden's Introduction

    I've played R6S in it's beta, Now I came back and I am really enjoying Mute and Ash. Although I enjoy Mute the most. (You wanna breach my room?.. Nah)
  8. Rayden's Introduction

    Hi, my name is Dale. I am a 24 years old ape who lives in Czech republic and I am working as a security technician. I've stumbled upon the RGN just by sheer luck in my search of gaming community. I am currently playing SW:BF 2, Just started Destiny 2, R6S, BF4 and League of Legends. About RP, I used to play as an angry scavenger on the Wasteland RP Roblox server before I stopped playing few years ago. Since I live in EU, I am trying to get together a group of EU peeps, so feel free to PM me. (I mainly use Discord, but I can switch to TS anytime). Hope to see y'all out there.