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  1. Thank you everyone! Hope to see you in game!!!
  2. What, is your name? what, is your favorite colour? What, is the capital of Assyria? Do you recognize this scene? If no, how do you even live? If yes, well alright, we can be friends.
  3. Cremation or burial? flour or corn tortillas? shoes or barefoot? onions on a burger? Do you put your cake in a bowl, pour milk on it and eat it with a spoon? Futbol or American Football? do you like baseball? have you ever shit your self because you where mid boss fight? Married? kids? How many teeth do you have? What surgeries have you had if any? Do you take all of your cloths off to poop?
  4. Considering games only, what is your guilty pleasure... what game do you hate to admit that you enjoy playing? What is the most important event you didn’t attend or maybe you bailed out on because of your gaming obligations?
  5. Lstolte


    Greetings, My name is Lucas, 34 year old residing in San Diego. I meet a few of you through Destiny 2. I've enjoyed their banter and commitment to fun, so I decided to look further into RGN. I've been playing video games longer than most of the people in the recent introductions have been alive. Unfortunately, in no way does that mean I have any skill what so ever. I've basically settled on the idea that someone has to come in last place. That has allowed me to find a way to thoroughly enjoy video games while being absolutely terrible at them. If you don't mind mediocrity holding you back feel free to reach out, i'm pretty much down to help with anything. You can find me on Discord (LucasStolte#9476). I play many blizzard games (Lstolte#1716), and many Steam games including Path of Exiles, GTAV, Smite, Grim Dawn, CoD (DaliLama617). Between work and family my game time does suffer but I find a way to feed my addiction. Hope to see you all around. Thank you for creating a community to make gaming even more enjoyable. May all of your travels be light and easy, -Lucas

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