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  1. byby aces. immortal.

    ty much
  2. byby aces. immortal.

    Hiya i am byby aces. I am immortal. I play a lot of different games. Destiny 2, overwatch, divinity 2, poe i guess, or watever i feel like playing. Long list. too lazy. I will never take any of you seriously. It's ok though. My mind is currently scattered. I will be here and I shall remain inconsistent; in performance and otherwise. I am twenty-something years old and i live (so to speak) in Arizona. Don't try to find me. I generally hate the world but that's not your fault. I'm up for good clean fun. Mostly. Nice to meet you. Actually i donno it could be your fault. Either way I don't really blame you for it. I wish i were some place with snow. I am an insomniac gamer. done.
  3. Destiny 2 Vote - LETS GO

    arf. all the time. cept sometimes.