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  1. SAPD Inactive Cops

    M-Th~7p-12a, F-Sun anytime. My schedule changes weekly so sometimes it’ll be earlier than 7p. Weekends I’m off unless I get called into surgery.
  2. Spartan9

    In all honesty, I’m just out here trying to fake it ‘til I make it. But thanks bro. The PayPal should have gone through If only the rest of the Army was as smart as you and realized Marines are superior...
  3. Undercover PoliceMan

    @PigeonI don’t foresee any issues with your application when they open up. I’ve had plenty of interaction with you on the server and they’ve all been good. You were killin’ me the other night when you were playing as the receptionist. Keep it up dude!
  4. Snow during December

  5. Hello!

    Welcome Pigeon. See ya around San Andreas
  6. Introduction

    Damn dude. Trying to get rid of me already?
  7. Police computer

    I’m new to all this stuff, so forgive me if I sound a fool...If FiveM doesn’t allow the computer/NCIS system, would it be possible to make some sort of website that would track the information? Maybe a second screen/alt tab? I’ve watched a few DOJ streams and they have some sort of system in place.
  8. Introduction

    Welcome DJ! What are you looking to do in RP? I ask because I joined for PD. I’m curious what others like to do outside the realm of police work.
  9. Introduction

    Hello all, My name is Spartan 9, but my real world name is Mike. I'm new to PC gaming and am interested in joining your community. I got into PC gaming and the RGN community by a friend in my Fire department. So far I am enjoying it. I recently just started to try out RP as a police officer on the GTA server. I play a lot of FPS like Squad and ARMA. I am a USMC combat veteran and currently employed as a Nurse and full time anesthesia school student. I look forward to joining the community and getting to know you all. See ya on the streets of San Andreas!