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  1. Also, why use website when there's not a server.. discord is what's up
  2. You guy's are living in the past, sometimes you gotta accept that tupac is dead
  3. Fixed your post as per the no advertising rule, sorry to hear about the hard times hope you're doing well!
  4. Agony


    https://store.steampowered.com/app/513710/SCUM/ https://scumgame.com/en Devolver and Croteam make some kinda awkward feeling FPS games so i'm goona hold off for a bit myself as they tend to have a decent load of bugs on release in their games. Probably a Christmas look-at for me.
  5. Agony


    How could you see him if hes a shroud
  6. It would look better if it wasn't green, but niceeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. Agony

    Hey! I'm Nanu!

    Hey pal wassup
  8. make @Touri step on it a lot first, that'll teach it
  9. Agony

    RGN Minecraft!

    Greetings everyone, we are currently putting together and starting up a new modded FTB style custom modpack. Currently it is only available through MULTI MC unless you download the file and edit your .minecraft file on your own but soon i'll have a download option in the twitch app\new FTB app. Some of the mods that come in this pack include: Abyssalcraft Advanced Rocketry Aroma1997 Avaritia Baubles Blood magic Draconic Evolution Chisel Electroblob's Wizardry EnderIO Ender Storage NuclearCraft Tinkers Construct Redstone Arsenal Thaumcraft (The newest complete overhaul!) Embers Astral sorcery And many more.... Have a suggestion for a mod to be added? Pm me on discord and we'll talk. Here are the current installation instructions until we get something setup on the twitch app: 1. download this zip, leave the file zipped https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhzpvzs05wa6x7t/Fhensactuallyasweetpotato.zip?dl=0 2. download multi MC https://multimc.org/#Download 3. unzip and open multi MC, click add instance and choose from zip then browse and find the zip file you first downloaded. 4. Click start and it'll ask you to add your minecraft account login 5. PM agony for the IP - This helps weed out trolls and keep things fun for all, there is base\land protection so don't worry there. Rules: 1. Don't hack, cheat, or glitch 2. Don't grief other players, this includes pvp or messing with things someone else has built 3. Don't be intentionally malicious, if you don't know what this means, good!
  10. thx pal, I will now consider only eating ham for thanksgiving

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