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  1. Dead by daylight is on sale in the humble bundle for $10, its a really fun game that is even better with friends and I have easily sunk close to 400 hours in to this game, could definitely recommend this game especially for only 10 bucks, let me know if you pick it up, we'll have to play sometime
  2. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    See, a large factor and problem a lot of people seem to be neglecting or overlooking with this is that game content is highly lacking and dead for games in general overall right now. As well as a lot of games that have been released recently DO NOT have the option to self-host servers for these games, and it will continue this style for at least a good part of the end of the year. Combine that with Altis slowly becoming less popular in general not with just us and it leads to a bad combination, community hosted game servers are in a "rut" right now so to speak, aside from dark and light, that game is still growing in popularity and active players daily. I expect to see a decline and low-held numbers because game companies just aren't giving the option to community host servers so it's just looking for the next game that comes with this feature at this point. imho
  3. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    On the bright side now we'll have more people playing Destiny 2 Beta next week
  4. Stream Dates For Coming Week

    will there be cupcakes?
  5. Introduction

    our centaurs name in dark and light is tim... whelp, I guess you guard our birds, thanks ! and welcome!
  6. Should RGN Continue Arma 3?

  7. Tell me a joke

    -holds mirror in front of you-
  8. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    Aren't you banned?
  9. Returning to Altis

  10. Altis Life Poll & Update

    More Heli's for David to crash or riot!
  11. Altis Life I miss you

    1. Decide if you want ACTUAL rp or a pissing match 2. Decide if that RP is going to uphold 3. Stick with altis and see how it goes or focus your RP efforts on better RP based play like GTA V or lakeside, take a chance, because right now its clearly not working as intended 4. Don't unban these OP4 morons, fool you once? Shame on them. Fool you twice? Cya 5. After establishing all of the above decide if you have a responsible player base 6. If yes, maybe add some toys to play with like 7.62's 7. If no, keep it low caliber with no armored vehicles. This is an RP tropical Island, not some military island simulation. 8. Abandon all and play Destiny 2
  12. Albion Online

    not my cup of tea, not enough stuff and the art style kills me sadly
  13. When you don't wanna stop playing Malden.

    I too often wonder what's wrong with Someone
  14. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist