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  1. Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a nice holiday and welcome to our first AMA of 2018! We are aiming for this year to be pretty reckless so we're kicking things off with one of our newer members @Rayden ! Stop in, ask um some question, get to know him and let's do this! What is your name? / My name is Dale Wellan How old are you? / I am 24 years old Where are you from? / I live in Czech Republic How long have you been with RGN? /I think it's been 3 months What are some of your favorite games currently? /My top is and always will be Star Wars The Old Republic after that is Battlefield 3/4, League of Legends and PUBG. What brought you to RGN? /I used to be a part of a closed gaming community called The Deffenders, but the whole project got canceled for some reason, so I was searching for a new community of people I could enjoy playing with. What are your top 3 games of 2018 that are not released yet? /Kingdom Come: Deliverance, State of Decay 2 and ofcourse Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread will close 1 week from today! Get asking! Stay Reckless!
  2. David Crenshaw - Reintroducion

    Good day
  3. RGN Game of the Month (December)

    Other -Escape from Tarkov
  4. Hello! I'm Bunny!

    Hi there, is there a reason you have 2 accounts now with the same name?
  5. Bringing back Altis life?

    Why would that matter? The developer of the altis game mode stop developing it about 2 years ago
  6. Bringing back Altis life?

    The amount of times a lethal was used in this video alone over a taser is a good enough explanation as to why it's a no.
  7. If you could re-do one thing from this year what would it be? What was your favorite new thing you tried this year? What place in the world do you hope to see next year? Will @InfernalRage get reckless Friday drunk this new years?
  8. Good day everyone welcome back once again to another AMA! This week as promised we are doing a special New Years themed AMA, we will hear about the best parts of this year, the hopes for the new year and maybe some stories and funny things along the way! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Christmas or other Holidays and everyone is getting some family time and being safe, our guest this week is none other than our very own @Ryan What is your name? - Ryan Damon How old are you? - 22 Where are you from? - Currently in Dallas, TX; but travel back and forth between my home in Boston. How long have you been with RGN? - 2 Years What are some of your favorite games currently? - Been playing a lot of PUBG, Overwatch, COD WWII, and WoW New years eve drink of choice ? - Redbull Vodka Normally awake or asleep come midnight on new years? - Who the fuck sleeps on new years? Just as we always do this thread will remain open until next Sunday (New years Eve) after that it'll be closed for Ryan to come answer all the questions you have had for him! I hope once again everyone is having a great end of the year, hope everyone is keeping it safe but reckless. And we will see you in the new year ;).
  9. Hello everyone

    Hello friend o/
  10. Favorite Christmas cookie? Most memorable Christmas gift? Snow or nah? Favorite Christmas movie? Is Santa breaking and entering?
  11. GOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD day RGN, today we begin our end of year special Holiday versions of our AMA's. This week we are here to ask and learn about our very own @Eagles! For this Christmas edition, feel free to ask him some random questions but try to keep them primarily about the holidays and Christmas! What gifts have been his favorite? Favorite Holiday memory? Does he like fruitcake? (Kappa) and any other stuff but make sure to get some holiday themed questions mixed in there! A little more about this weeks guest before we begin! What is your name? Johnathan How old are you? 22 Where are you from? Alabama How long have you been with RGN? Been around RGN since it's creation What are some of your favorite games currently? Rainbow Six Siege has been my go to for the longest time now Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving If you had to dress up as a traditional Christmas character which would it be? (Santa, elf, gingerbread etc) I'd probably dress up as an Elf If you could see 1 RGN member as Santa who would it be? Barddy would be the greatest Santa RGN has ever seen This thread will remain open for 1 week in which it will be closed for @Eagles to answer all of your questions! Stay tuned for next week where we'll catch up with @Ryan and learn about his favorite New Years activities! And as always RGN, have great and Happy Holidays, and keep it Reckless.