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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    For me: 1. The grind for having to spend 2 weeks working away at getting money for 1 fancy car when there's like 100 cars is kinda silly 2. The content was lacking, I know it's new and i'm not holding anything against anyone it's just one of those things where its nice to have options for stuff to do that can promote more RP or other things to do when people aren't around to RP with. 3. Other games, Destiny 2 hype train.
  2. Gas prices

    saying make it 15/l
  3. Ban appeal

  4. Gas prices

  5. Hello!

    hullo fren
  6. Bittersweet Thank You

    Cya when you Police menz o/
  7. Setting the RP Stage

    I'm an event guy myself i'm working on buying bikes so I can provide bike races with my own stock with an entry fee -rubs hands together dramatically-
  8. Awards Making a comeback

    I like the guud guud
  9. Happy birthday LoneWolf!

    Happy Eat the whole cake and don't feel ashamed day !
  10. Need PC help...again

    Alright Texas wins
  11. Need PC help...again

    Did you pull that out of one of the twin towers?
  12. Taxes

    I like the idea, the amount and how often it's taxed will have to be discussed but I think it would be good @Chow @daffy
  13. Removing them would be an interesting option but as David said here's a million alternatives sadly, I personally respond to anyone in game if I see some chat going on