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  1. Gives you time to make sure you know the rules. Which people should do before applying. This promotes positive RP and good officers instead of just letting anyone join as they please without putting in the man hours.
  2. It will not, which is why i'm trying to see who if anyone is goona play on pc, otherwise i'll just pick up for xbox
  3. Not constructive.
  4. There's been quite a few lately, which one?
  5. This always seems to come up, and it's one of the reason's I don't play Altis so much now a days along with some other things but that's here nor there. The biggest and most complex thing with the Altis server in terms of RP is the majority of people that play it on civilian side are there to cause trouble, they're there to be an annoyance and to make money and kill people. People don't have the right mindset for what Altis is and a lot forget that it's a LIFE game type , now weather they just don't care or aren't used to it, it seems that the big mentality for it is like.. lack luster rp death match game type and it's not just our server, i've seen it a lot with many Altis life servers sadly. We can try to accommodate and change rules to try to engage in more RP but then we just lose more people due to them breaking stuff because of the TYPE of person you get on these altis servers. if you want a TRUE and completely genuine RP experience, we'd need to look into a pure white listed arma 3 LIFE server, which i'd be all for but again that's a completely different audience than the ones that play altis so it puts things at a bit of a standstill
  6. I will be picking this up, I enjoyed the first one a lot and didn't get to fully play the new content that has been added from expansions, typically myself specifically with Bungie games am a hardcore console player but I wanna see who and how many will be picking this up for PC so I know if it's worth it, now that it'll be on PC this time around.
  7. Disagree. A new map isn't an exception to the rules for those that chose to not follow and respect them
  8. Will there be turtles?
  9. Needed to get deathview in some heels LOL
  10. If it aint broke don't fix it
  11. completed

    Hey Viper. Let me start off by pointing out a few things here. Your history with RGN and notes and rules that you have broken is no short list. You then think it's okay to be hopping around and disrespect members that are trying to talk to you multiple times and you are just being disruptive, after all of that you decide to make a dispute like this? A sentence? You serious man? Come back when you've actually learned your lesson and know how to behave on our server\teamspeak. This "oh i did nothing wrong" mentality isn't going to get you anywhere around here. Have a good one.
  12. I accept millions on top of millions ;D
  13. Another one of these eh? whelp back to my short responses 1. RP Server 2. Civilian VS Cop 3. "Realistic" 4. Cops and Military IRL will ALWAYS have an advantage or an "Upper hand" in one way or 20 others. Don't like it..? Don't play, been this way for years. You of all people should even know that.

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