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  1. Hmm, I never had that issue, I've always been able to respawn after the five minutes.
  2. I feel like 10k isn't enough to prevent people from respawning, so far the people that have respawned instantly are drug runners and/or people with supercars that crashes after a chase and doesn't want to RP and I'm sure such people have plenty of money to spend and 10k is just pocket change for them. I can't remember what I got an hour from doing drug runs but it was more than enough to be able to spend 10k like it was nothing. Of course, the system shouldn't be only against such people but at least in my experience so far it's only those people that instantly respawn. But I guess we can start out at 10k and see if it changes the behavior.
  3. I don't really understand why the cost of respawning after being downed is only 500$, it doesn't punish people for instantly respawning and ruining the RP event because they got caught/shot. I think the cost of respawning before the timer runs out should be something like 25,000$. Might not be a lot of money for the drug runners but for new people on the server that needs to learn the RP it's a lot of money and most of them shouldn't be able to afford it. I'm not sure if your balance can go negative if you still do it without the money, but assuming it doesn't I think this change is needed. Granted that we seriously lack EMT's at the moment and it might be a hassle to wait those five minutes but if we manage to get some more EMT's and people don't drive like maniacs and get downed when the server is empty then it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Snow during December

    This would be really cool.
  5. Helmet control

    Ah, right. Yeah that makes it a bit more tricky. I have seen this mod on other FiveM servers so it is out there. I'll have a look around and see if I can find it somewhere
  6. Helmet control

    I was hoping that we could add a mod to the server where you can put on and take off your helmet/mask whenever. It would make it a lot better for something like bike riding where you could have your own bike helmet instead of riding around on your red death Harley Davidson wearing a pink helmet. Or getting off and on your bike until you get a helmet you like. This could also be very convenient for police officers when they arrest bikers and/or robbers when they are wearing masks and helmets so they could actually take them off and see the persons face when you are interrogating them etc. This is the only mod I could find, there might be a better one but this one pretty much sums it up:
  7. SAPD Inactive Cops

    It really depends on my work, but when I work night shifts usually all you US cops are on anyway so that shouldn't be a worry. But day shifts I can usually be online around 5PM-10PM (GMT+2)
  8. Police

    I'm sure LoneWolf will start sending out messages after he has looked them over. He knows that people are asking about them constantly and I'm sure he will take care of it when he has time. Going on the forums and asking when the application will be looked isn't going to speed up the process. He has already stated that he is considering messaging people after he has looked it over so people know that it has at least been looked at. I personally don't see the rush, you make the application and just simply wait. If it's only been a week or two since you made the application then there is no point in asking about it. If it takes any longer than then that then come to Discord and talk to some of the Senior Members or higher ups there and I'm sure they can get in contact with LoneWolf about it. Have patience
  9. LSPDFR Computer and new radar

    Oh, yeah that sucks. Hopefully they will update it cause I think we need a system like this to get some more structure in the force and keep track of people and such. I think it would add a new layer of RP aswell cause you the longer your record is the harder the punishment will be. I didn't want to make a whole new post about this so I will just mention it here. I think we need to drastically increase our fine amounts, especially with the increased salaries (not sure if it was only whitelisted jobs since there was no changelog about it) and people are earning more money. If you compare our fine amounts with others we are really on the low side, I think it would also make people think twice about speeding, running red light etc if they end up with a ~100k fine at the end of it. I booked someone today for driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light, speeding over 30mph and reckless driving and the fine was roughly around 2,000$. I feel like that should be closer to something like 20-30k.
  10. I was looking through some streams and scripts etc and I found this one that seemed really interesting and I think will bring a whole new level to the police force and make it feel a bit more realistic Makes it easer to search for people and it provides more information about the person and their vehicle, shows previous arrests, times stopped etc. Take a look at it I have been using the newly installed radar but it's really awkward to use and really hard to actually get the speed of people and you have to position your cop car really close to the road which makes it hard to hide your car. I have seen several streams using a very simple radar where they can sit on the sidewalk or be hidden somewhere and easily (without having to aim a circle very awkwardly) check the speed of vehicles in front of you. I haven't been able to find that specific mod so if anyone has any luck please post it here.
  11. The Motorcycle conundrum

    I don't think anyone is saying that it's impossible for bikes to outrun cops, it happens all the time IRL. The only thing I can say as a cop in-game is that I still haven't had ONE single person on a bike willingly pull over because they know that there is no chance in hell I can catch them unless they crash. You also have to take into consideration that IRL cops have the resources and staff to call for back up, set up roadblocks, get helicopter support, have vehicles that actually CAN keep up with them. Of course, cops don't call in heli support and set up roadblocks with every speeding motorcycle but they have that option. Also as a cop it's INCREDIBLY frustrating while you are in the middle of an RP event and you see a bike in the distance coming through THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY, (not on a freeway where most videos on youtube are) at 200mph, forcing me to either stop the RP event and follow them, knowing I can't catch up to them or ignore them. Ignoring them would make it seem like it's okay to drag race in the middle of the city and it will cause more chaos than just one person speeding.
  12. I agree with most people that this a great idea. I like the idea of not having an economy and focusing strictly on the roleplaying aspect. I have always thought that having a fully whitelisted server is better, in this case I don't think we have enough players on our current server to make a second one and if we were to make our current one a whitelisted server I think it would be pretty empty. I think that's something for the future when we have built a steady base of active and serious roleplaying players on the server. So as much as I like the idea of this "cheat menu", I don't think it would work very well right now on our server. Like I said, maybe at a later time when we have more serious people on the server. I think for now we should be focusing on trying to improve our current server, adding new script and mods to bring out the RP in people. If they don't want to RP then they shouldn't be on the server, we just need time to show people that this is not GTA Online and a lot of us actually want to strictly roleplay on the server and not drive around in car chases and/or shootouts.
  13. I don't feel like we should add any more fast bikes until people have learned to stop trolling police So for now maybe everyone should just drive around with their Faggio's
  14. Gta 5 police

    As far as I know, several applications have been accepted recently and some of them are just waiting to be either notified and/or be granted permission in-game. So I don't think that application need to be opened right now. If they need to be then I'm sure they will
  15. Server is currently down! [FIXED]

    The server is now up and running again!