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  1. Nothing specific comes to mind but if you're looking for something communal, it has to be a game isn't hyper-demanding (like ARK) and fall into one of two categories: Category 1: A game that is relatively sandboxy/moddable. A game where there are many interactions available between the lone player and both the game and group. I'd suggest ARK if it wasn't so resource intensive, but other alternatives are minecraft (lord have mercy on my soul for uttering the name), windward (to some extent), or perhaps some kinda casual RP server on Rust. I'd also recommend you check out an upcoming RPG being made called shardsonline/legends of aria, because their whole premise is 1) it's gonna be "like oldschool RPGs" 2) it's gonna be highly moddable Category 2: A game where you don't necessarily host a server but you set up a clan/guild/base for RGN bois, and we spread the religion of Spartan to the other players in the game. Could be relatively small teams playing short matches in things like Blackwake or Guns of Icarus, or could be relatively large teams playing the long conquest in things like Rust or any other game where you can establish a recognisable territory. Or perhaps, you could reach a compromise between the two and go for a game like planetside 2 (but not necessarily that CPU demanding, cashgrabbing pile of cancer) where matches technically have a time limit across a few hours/days/weeks but large organised groups get recognised as such within whatever mega-faction they pick. Just my thoughts/suggestions, hope it helps
  2. Long story short, I have a habit of very poorly paraphrasing the summary of films I've seen but apparently there's an entertainment factor somewhere within and I should be asking all you lovely peeps and peepettes which film you want me to do. It'll run a lot smoother if the film is already in distant memory, but that's not an explicit requirement. Unfortunately I dunno how to make polls, so I guess just comment. Don't even know whether I'll be doing it once a week or whenever possible. Maybe memedaddy will make me a text channel in discord for paraphrased films. I dunno. Tell me movies, bois (plural of bois, I'm not trying to speak French)
  3. Hope the coming year exceeds those prior, my dude
  4. Would you agree that pooping is just reverse anal if you think about it? Asking for a friend (whose name is Shaggy/JokerzFayme) because I'm trying to think of a good present EDIT: Made the question topic christmas-relatable
  5. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmare-edition Here ya go peeps
  6. ARK when I can be bothered, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, LoL (If I was good enough for daddy), Civ V, EUIV, Stellaris
  7. Nice to see you here, bae!
  8. Skyfus


    Hi, for the purpose of all interaction my name here might as well be Skyfus, and I'm some 19 year old dude in the south of the UK who's currently studying electronic engineering. My mood is more unstable than a 3rd world country under new leadership but I can keep myself civil about 80% of the time, I'm pretty open and honest about anything short of instantly giving my identity to 5,266 strangers at the time of writing, and my political leaning is "Could you please stop fighting each other all the time?". My only consistent hobbies right now include gaming and reading, but at various points I've practiced archery (up to the point where I got a cute silver badge) and volunteered at a birds of prey centre. I'm happy to have found a gaming community that doesn't seem to be, well.... putrid. My semi-moderate experience in Rust and decent experience in ARK over the last few years have served to reinforce the concept that there are a LOT of gamers across the world that simply want to ruin someone else's day, for nothing but the satisfaction that they were responsible. And I get the feeling they don't get far in the application process here. I hope that firstly we all get along, and secondly I remember to flip-flop my gaming cycle to Arma 3 regularly enough if I get accepted EDIT: since I'm not sure how many more people are gonna welcome me, I'd like to thank you in advance on the same basis that you eventually have to stop holding doors open for people

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