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  1. Forums white-list access

    I need forum access.
  2. EMS Captain Resignation

    As of 10/10/17, I am stepping down from the position of EMS Captain. I truly enjoyed my time building the EMS Department from scratch for this server. As it stands now, and for the far future, I work night shift, 3:30 P.M- 12:00 A.M. I enjoy this shift, but it interferes greatly with peak activity on the server. I simply cannot be there to adequately support the Department with the time and attention it needs. I will still be a part of the server, playing as a Civ and sometimes a Police Officer, while helping Chow and Daffy test and add new features. I am handing over this leadership position to @Portal2TheMoon. I trust him, and I know he will do a great job with the Department. If I was currently helping you with an questions or concerns, please refer to @Portal2TheMoon. Any further questions and concerns about the EMS/Fire Department will be directed to @Portal2TheMoon. Thank you.
  3. SAPD Inactive Cops

    During the weekdays I'm available in the morning until around 2 p.m. During the weekends I'm available most of the time.
  4. Police

    Direct quote from @LoneWolf, who is over Police applications. Understand people have jobs, school, and lives outside of the server, and aren't holding their cock in anticipation of your application. "If you have not received a message from me, it means that your application is pending. The only responses is when they are Approved or Rejected. I am thinking of sending out the message to the ones still in Pending Status just so players know I have at least looked at them. Don't stress if you haven't heard back yet though."
  5. GTA RP Overall Server Change Suggestion

    I hope we can work towards a more serious server. The best experience from a FiveM server comes when you don't restrict people, and give them every option available. If people had every tool, they would be free to be creative and focus on RP, not grinding. I think the first step we could take to make a positive change would be to loosen the economy. Whitelisted jobs are paid an abysmal amount. Why would anyone besides the dedicated few want to play Police or EMS if they have to put in 25+ hours to afford a sports car that has been nerfed in acceleration and top speed? I think we could make things much easier to buy, which would have people grinding less, and actually playing the game.
  6. Gta5 applications

    When it comes to EMS, I only message you if you are approved. If you don't receive a message, it doesn't mean you are denied. I don't want to deny someone, because there may be an opportunity in the future.
  7. Introduction

    Thank you, and of course, you can call me Michael or Mitt, I go by both.
  8. Introduction

    Hey, my name is Matthew. I'm 19, I live in Utah and I work for Boeing. Next year I'll be going to school for engineering, but for now I use my free time to play lots of different games. I joined RGN to help out and play on the new GTA V RP server. RGN seems like a great community, and I'm excited to be a part of it.