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  1. trying for the third time

    I am not sure what is going on in your head. I am not insulting you outright, I am questioning your ability to understand.. You do not give yourself a second chance by buying the game again. You are not a good guy because you say you are "not going to hack us" so do not let that get to your head. In some instances we do wipe peoples accounts and let them start fresh. But that incident is dependent on circumstance you will never have now. We log everything on our server so we do have the evidence. Because we choose not to share it does not mean we do not have it. It is our server and you chose to exploit it. Evading your initial ban is not smart. You are digging yourself a deeper hole that you will most likely never get out of. Go somewhere else if you want to break the rules. This dispute is invalid.
  2. Kiss for a Pardon ? *Nice Cops*

    if this isn't blatant abuse of authority idk what is
  3. Mission Designer Wanted

    He wants you to post some of your work. He will probably pick the person based on what they show him.
  4. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    Man, if I only got 6 fries with my food I'd flip shit. I'm fat American, give me a whole basket the size of the table!
  5. You be the judge

  6. You be the judge

    I slowed down the first video, you didn't even hit him. Second video, if your bullets were suppose to go through the metal balcony maybe you would have got a leg shot. YOU MAY NEED GLASSES. Either way you like to make their silhouettes with your bullets.
  7. Reckless Friday - The Return is here!

    Should be a pretty good time!
  8. Benchmark Tester?

    Well, my suggestion for that is to get what ever manufacturers software they have for OCing (evga is precision, msi is afterburner, etc i think). Crank the power slider to max. See what you get in a bench mark and then start adding MHz on the slider until you're unstable,crash,etc. And you should be able to do this while you're benchmarking. Once it crashes you can try again maybe increase the voltage a hair. Of course running faster is running hotter. Don't incrase the voltage too much-- look up some OCs numbers that people have done on your card in google to get an idea.
  9. Benchmark Tester?

    For GPU I typically use Heaven, but you could try their other things I know people like to also use FurMark more info about it there. As for CPU Prime 95 or PassMark or Cinebench. As for storage CyristalDiskMark What are you trying to gauge?
  10. We recently updated the website, quite a few applications, extensions, and plugins. So this means things may not work as they should or things look "weird". If this is the case please reply to this topic with a screenshot or at least a method on how to reproduce the issues. I'll work on getting them fixed pretty quick and we will go from there.
  11. Introduction

    Hola, welcome. Hope you stick around.
  12. RecklessLife Youtube Series

    Oh, just feels a bit more natural then awkward game play. Just depends on what you're going for.
  13. Group chat


    Wait so, you're a twin?
  15. Like my new suit?

    FBGM A+