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  1. byby aces. immortal.

  2. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    You're going to run into a lot of problems using a 970. A card with 3.5GB of actual usable vram. That last 500mb is just slow. I've had 3 different 970 cards. A zotac, EVGA, and gigabyte. They all stuttered in games because of the crap vrap on max settings (using 2560x1440p monitor). Not saying the frames were not ~decent. Expect dips and chunky stutters in any demanding games with max settings.
  3. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    You'll run into lack of vram near 4k resolution in games like GTA5 and battlefield 1 with max setings if you go the 980ti route. Those are probably the two games I play the most outside of simulators and TBS/RTS.
  4. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I own a predator x34. I have also owned a 980ti, two 980tis in sli, a 1080, two 1080s in sli, and 1080ti whilst using this monitor. I can gauge the performance respectively with my experience. A single 980ti will not get the job done in most games. For example you will only get max 50 fps in GTA5 and average 40, on max settings. With two 980tis I was able to be way more successful closer in the 70 range. When I went with my 1080 FTW, its overclocked state did not beat out the two 980tis in sli but it was pretty close, and the new 1080 barely ate any power. But the two 1080s in sli hands down beat the 980tis and is ranked #1 in my performance metrics because together they were more powerful than my single 1080ti currently. I don't remember playing a game I was not at 100fps with when I had two 1080s in sli. You could easily get away with a 1080 and you would do fine in your games and with gsync to cover your butt things would be pretty smooth for any dipps in frames. However if you're willing to shell out a few more bucks (like 100 more?) for a 1080ti I would recommend this and it would be cheaper than 2 1080s. The 1080ti can get you very close to the target with noticeable improvement over the single 1080. If you're shelling out for the features of the x34 you might as well shell out for the GPU. With that said, I would stay away from SLI, I only ran into a few issues in my years of using SLI but with new cards nearly every year offering incremental improvements 10-20% you might as well constantly keep upgrading the GPU and selling the old one since (i hope) you are buying a monitor you will have for... 10 years (hopefully again). And by only buying one you'll be less mad at yourself when new cards hit the market and you realize you just lost hundreds of dollars on your current GPU because used prices drop like crazy as soon as there is an announcement, even months before any preordering starts. (these announcements also make it the best time to buy GPUs used!, but given shortages and the miners who will want to get them for cheap maybe not this year..?) TLDR Trust me, a 900 series card will not do it. Anything under a 1080 will not do it. Two 1080s is awesome but costs a lot. A single 1080ti is a good compromise on performance vs cost if you're wanting close to 100fps on ultra settings. (and you wont need a 40 dollar high bandwidth sli bridge).
  5. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    You'll need the 1080ti for sure to live up to the x34's potential in modern day high end games.
  6. Bringing back Altis life?

    Come join me on yes it is GTA. And no it does not suck. We're just about ready to start polishing the police force and doing training sessions every so often and having FTOs. Or if you just want to be a civ you can earn money to get cars and mod those cars, buy apartments if you really wanted to. Use these things you buy for role-play. OR Get a job in game and use that for your role play. Typically civilians sit in teamspeak talking with eachother and coming up with things to do in game with eachother to interact and to engage the law. If not that then a lot of the role-play is natural and pretty funny. The patrols are scheduled and that means the server is not up all the time, but that does not mean it wont get to that point in the future when we have more active members. So far everyone looks forward to the 1-2 patrols per week we have, they can last anywhere from 2-6 hours. If we could do it every night we would, but we're not there yet
  7. Bringing back Altis life?

    Why don’t you just play on someone else’s server?
  8. Bringing back Altis life?

    If you're feeling the need for role play. Reckless911 with their GTA rp is where its at. More role play in a single patrol in R911 than there was on the 2 years RGN spent with altis life. Just saying. People think it doesn't work-- but everyone has been roleplaying on GTA since San Andres multiplayer, and it was even more huge in GTA 4 on consoles and then when 4 hit the PC it exploded-- that's why things like LCPDFR and LSPDFR are around and the modding community is huge. GTA rocks. Specifically our fivem server.
  9. December Recruitment

  10. multipoint recievers

    I said in discord you could maybe hook up an old iphone or ipod. Connect everything bluetooth to the phone and then 3.5mm from the phone to the stereo system. I think the iphones allow 10 saved Bluetooth devices and 4 can be active or something? Not sure how that all works. You could test this theory out with your phone at any time too.
  11. Hello!

    Hello, welcome to the forums. If you're even remotely interested in a GTA 5 role play server, feel free to come on over to Reckless911!
  12. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    Hey thank you for the support, means a lot to us! Even if it was just a lost bet
  13. Lee back

    whats arma?
  14. Banned on TS

    You ban length was 1 day. Your time has been served. Respect others in our community and approach disputes formally. Locking.