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  1. The current website works well in a mobile browser. And you can easily get the page saved to your home screen on an apple device. In safari you just need to be on the website, click the box with the up arrow, i guess options? Then find add to homescreen. And then for the most part it is like an app! lol
  2. Sounds like you just need to get cleared with the people who run the site.
  3. guide

    Oil on Malden only accessible by BOAT and if you are crafty Helicopter.
  4. guide

    Oil Fields -> Oil Processing -> Oil Trader Oil Trader sells PICK AXES and FUEL CANISTERS in-case you need them. YOU NEED PICK AXE TO MINE OIL, stand on oil field platform and look directly up and click windows key to harvest. Oil Processing license 1k.
  5. duplicate

    This topic is a duplicate and will be moved and locked. If you feel this was in error please start a new Bug Report.
  6. completed

    This bug report has been resolved and should be implemented into the servers soon. Thank you for your assistance.
  7. So are you looking for stuff right now... or like in 10 years when you graduate college and have your first real job?
  8. .

  9. So what helps me make these decisions is benchmarks of the graphics card, at the resolution you are playing on, in the most demanding games. You'll want to know the Max frames, Avg, and Lowest frames. Why? Because if you're getting a new card then you will want to at least play at your resolution with the best frame rate that suits your monitor. Its also cool to see how well your card would do in the next bracket of resolution so in case you upgrade or are worried about future proofing. (so just google search benchmarks for the gtx 1080 or something) Just off the top of my head if your buddy is going to be playing at 1920x1080 60-120Hz he would be fine with a 1070 and pull some great frames. Assuming he is not playing at 240Hz or something crazy. And that 1070 will be able to kick some ash at 2560x1440. BUT if he is set on the 1080s, then just go for the 1080. I'm using a 1080 right now at 3440x1440 at 100Hz and I'm having no problem reach 100FPS in my games.
  10. Honestly. With your definition of cop baiting, cop baiting is the only way to get cops attentions sometimes.
  11. under review

    It was working earlier today, and yesterday. I did a few truck missions and all was well. However it then started to spawn trucks in different cities. I'm not sure if there is any experience in trucking but-- it seemed after getting a few zamaks the spawning got a little wacky and went back to box trucks.
  12. Hey new comers. Just wanted to give a shout out to all of you that are playing on our Malden servers to please enjoy yourselves! There are many opportunities for you on our server and even beyond that here in RGN. Get involved and help us continue to make great servers! I'm always available to answer questions via PM or on our discord if you have any. Some wisdom from many of our frequent guests Read the server rules here Plan out your role play Record rule violators and report them on our forums here Work with others Have fun Get involved with feature, bugs, and general discussions
  13. i'll make sure people know to contact me for forum perms. New CDTS need to contact me IDK who gets CDT!?
  14. you're so high right now

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