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  1. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    That's it, we're starting a TTT gmod server
  2. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Holy shit, this community is just a fucking arma community, let the server do whatever it is gonna do. Shit man, this is a gaming community, not a arma community. Someone come fucking play siege with me now. PS. wait for the new dlc to come out and it'll blow up
  3. Pistol Flashlights

    I've always wanted that .50 cal attachment
  4. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    @Draxti'll only play if you play with me
  5. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Okay. Lemme go ahead and say this. Almost all of us have been playing Arma Life for a very long time. And it should be clear that it is not dying, and will not die until the Asylum standalone releases. Gta won't take over roleplay, not enough slots and blah blah. Almost every GOOD roleplay server is whitelisted. Public servers has some roleplay, but it mostly here for people to fuck around on, hence Kavala. I agreee with shutting the server down and actually making a whitelisted server, for the reason that I have been around for about ten plus servers to do that, because of their low pop, and they blew up; after they blew up they had a chance to 1- stay modded and hope for the best, 2- stay whitelisted and remove models, or 3- go back to public with the population knowing the server name. The only reason you see big servers staying big, like asylum or olyumpus, is because they allow RDM tbh, they don't take roleplay seriously if you look into the community itself. They just let the players do what players do... let's not do that. Imo the kavala idea was a good idea if we had a steady pop, we might of hit a bit of pre-jack on it. Communities like seal team sloth, honestly-- I have no clue how they stayed active, they just did. I can't say much on how to help with a vanilla server, all I know is it could use a boost, and sooner or later if pop stays low, they'll have to close it; I just think sooner is better so if they wanted they could reopen with something new. Hell, I'd be down for a exile server or some shit. In all honesty, I don't give a shit what happens. I like this community, and I'll play whatever they throw out there.
  6. Introductions

    Can't taser me, I'm a rook professional. Welcome bud!
  7. Code display for cops

    It is a pointless, but convenient feature. Wouldn't be too hard to do. Most people are just going to say "remember" or something of the sorts. But honestly, I think it'd make the server stick out and appeal. I'd say good idea.
  8. Wag 1

    If you don't fucking frag me the moment I join the server I'll sue for false advertisement. Welcome home, bud.
  9. Someone recruit me
  10. Option to gag people in restraints

    Gag needs to be implemented imo, for this reason.
  11. Your Age: 18 Your Steam UID: 76561198171085515 Have you previously been whitelisted for the RPD? Give details. I have not, first time applying. I have been a cop on other servers, as in Asylum and Seal Team Sloth (short lived as they died) Have you previously applied for the RPD? Give details. Also, have not. Been wanting to, just now getting freed up to do so. Have you received a note, kick, or ban within the last 30 days? Nope
  12. Special Investigation Service [SIS]

    Should've made a star wars gang