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  1. Riipaa here!

  2. All of my next semester weekdays have a 8am class and I think imma off myself

    1. Simon


      My sympathies. Coffee is your friend here.

  3. Basic Introduction

    ... you tryna party with the shag?
  4. I'm way ahead of you, sending a few your way now.
  5. can we have a sexy carwash vid next
  6. Introduction

    Someone ban him, quick! Welcome, my dude, thanks for snapchatting me videos and getting me to get mean looks for checking my phone mid class!
  7. you're not welcome, I take it back
  8. RGN Exile Progress And Update

    ^ @Tristan
  9. Introductions

    Can't taser me, I'm a rook professional. Welcome bud!
  10. Wag 1

    If you don't fucking frag me the moment I join the server I'll sue for false advertisement. Welcome home, bud.
  11. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Someone recruit me
  12. Arma 3 Zeus Operation Event

    I'll be there!
  13. Away on vacation!

  14. Computer whizzes come my way

    I don't use anything tbh Would overwolf do that shit?