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  1. @Ronduth Are you providing the clips ?
  2. Thank you this video was just a little step on the path that the Marketing Team is doing. We have some bigger projects coming up. We plan on growing the YouTube and twitch sides of RGN drastically. So look forward to more content very soon @Ronduth @Dark @Touri @Tristan @Eagles
  3. Altis will never come back it has been said many times by leadership of RGN...
  4. There was two sections of the video that mentioned GTA V It was nothing like a advertisement video for GTA. Yeah so what it got brought up that we have a new gta v server and if you like roleplay you should go check it out. It's letting people know that we aren't known for just Altis life anymore we have moved on to new games as a community. It's called a updated Introduction video.... a Sole Advertisement video for the GTA server would not include other games. As Ron said there is nothing wrong with the old video goats did a good job with it but we needed to do a updated version so we did.
  5. Reckless Gaming Network Introduction Video is now live https://youtu.be/NG3-R4Nykr4
  6. News Reckless Gaming Network Introduction Video is now live View full article
  7. Introduction... again! :D

    @Ms Tough StuffGoing to be looking forward to playing Wow with you guys. Don't make fun of me that much when you find out I will probably suck at the game 🙈
  8. Introduction... again! :D

    Welcome back the the community its nice to meet you! What games do you play now that arma 3 really isn't a thing ?
  9. Donation - MiAtCh - 50.0!

    Thank you for the support !
  10. Thank you for the support!
  11. Reckless 2 Yr Anniversary Stream

    I cant wait going to be so fun !!!
  12. Donation - MoneyB - 25.0!

    Thanks MoneyB
  13. Hello fellow RGN members Today I come to you ask to provide videos from two years ago to now. You must be thinking why do you want videos from two years ago. Well let me answer that question for you as some of you may know Reckless Gaming Networks two year anniversary is coming up in less than two weeks so the marketing team wants to make a special video for the great milestone. These clips can be anything you want from Altis life to any random videos you find with other RGN members. All you have to do is upload the video to Google Drive then send it to me personally or drop a link to them in a google form that we will provide. I hope you take this chance to help celebrate the two year anniversary of RGN by providing us with videos to make something special. Sincerely Marketing Team link to Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/xg9x8RhsJUJ5PWBk1
  14. Introduction