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  1. Razzy

    My new rig!

    Where is the rig lol
  2. How much a night asking for a friend ?
  3. RGN November Newsletter Introduction Welcome Gamers to the RGN Newsletter. In this newsletter, we are going to go over how reckless RGN has been this November, we know you've been dying to read about our recklessness and this will get you caught up on everything we've done in the last month. We will go over things that happened from start to end as well as some new games that have entered the community. so kick back and let’s get into our first topic. Recruitment and Promotions! Every month RGN holds a meeting where some of you newcomers can get the chance to become a member of RGN, as well as existing members a chance to get promoted to a higher rank. Congratulations to this month’s new recruits and current RGN members, you all deserved it! If you are looking to become a member of the community, you must post an introduction on the forums as well as submit an application which can be found here. Just remember to be active, be social, and get your name out there in the community. Big Community Changes After lots of discussion from RGN Leadership and even asking the community what they would think of some of the changes. The announcement from the founders was made that the community is changing with a new recruitment system, the new officer rank, and even new departments such as Admin, Community, and Recruitment. Congratulations to the following officers who have been chosen to lead each department: @[email protected] @Texas @Agony @Draxt @Simon @Eagles, I hope you will bring lots of change and growth to the community as it moves on and forward. Reckless 911 Over this past month, Reckless 911 was in the works and it is the return of the GTA V RP server from before. It is new and improved and ready for you to play Friday December 1st from 7 to 10 PM. While the server will not be up 24/7, there will be scheduled dates times when patrols will take place and the server will be available for you to play on. @Al Hoff and the rest of leadership have been working hard on this project after the previous server RGN had, shut down. So when it opens be sure to hop on and have some fun. Another thing to mention, if the server is whitelisted you have to create an application to get onto the server. The site can be found on the reckless website by going down to game topics. Reckless Supporter! Donations are very important to us here at RGN. We love to see people supporting the community anyway they can because it keeps the community alive; Even if it’s as small as a dollar. @Ronduth has made supporting the community even better by adding perks to the supporter tag. When you donate 10 dollars or more. A few things you will get is a supporter tag on the RGN Website, a custom emoji for the RGN Discord, access to donator only rooms and much much more. So why wait, become a reckless supporter today! Game of the Month! At the end of each month, a poll is posted to vote on what RGN thought was their favorite game this month and it could be the chosen game of the month by the community. The games chosen this month are League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG Congratulations! It’s awesome that RGN’s expanding and trying out some different games that they really like and seeing as the game of the month changed from last month, makes this topic more interesting. Thanks for voting everyone and keep on gaming! Conclusion This about wraps up everything that’s happened this month, stay tuned for upcoming newsletters are they keep on coming each and every month. Thanks for reading and I hope you had a fantastic November and Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for Staying Reckless with us!
  4. Spotify was offering it for .99 for 3 months lol https://www.spotify.com/us/intro/?utm_source=us-en_brand_contextual_text&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=alwayson_ucanz_us_performancemarketing_core-plus_brand+contextual+text+exact+us-en+google&gclid=CNjr3daa59cCFWmYxQIdEpgFIg&gclsrc=ds
  5. The prices ranges are varied so the cheapest is $44.99 and the most expensive one is $139.99
  6. ? ? sir pull over the vehicle ...
  7. Happy late birthday don't know why Rai didn't post it but happy bday!!

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