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  1. I really do want the Admins, moderators and community members to understand this one thing. I AM NOT A TROLL. I honestly want a positive experience on RGN Altis LIfe server for everybody. And I will be the voice of the players.


    Rude J. Moose


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    2. HacksawJack


      and this is how the altis cancer creeps back in...

    3. MolagTheMighty™
    4. RudeMoose


      It is my job as well gunner. As for the spamming. It was a mistake. I am very passionate about Altis Life and I want to Make Altis Great Again.


      Rude J. Moose

  2. Danobot, when I am elected President of Altis, I will make you the Minister of Police/ Citizen Relations.
  3. Mr. Mars, When I am elected as President of Altis. I will make you my Vice President!
  4. Chozzi, when i am elected President of Alts, Will will make you my Defence Minister.
  5. I never recieved a verbal warning about the accent. Nor threatened with a kick or ban. Also im not denying the fact that we had a conversation about the whole ordeal and that I admit to faking the accent in my ban appeal. I simply stated that I was banned for having a fake accent. But i will admit i did call you guys "c****' and i apologize, and have no excuse for my actions. It will never happen again.
  6. Yeah I was screwing around with a fake scottish accent(which isn't against the rules), I was bored and trying to help a gang member but i wasnt being disrespectful and wasnt channel hopping. I dont know why it was a big deal. Or even so much of a big deal for a perma ban.
  7. What Server were you banned from?: Altis Life Who banned you?: MajorPain762 Why were you banned?: having a scottish accent When were you banned?: April 24 2016 What is your in game name?: RudeMoose User ID: 76561198022788957 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: i was talking. and the admins claimed i had an accent i didnt have. and said i called them "cunts" but i will tell you that "c***" is sounds very similar to "cant" with a Glasgow Scottish accent.

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