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  1. My record is 52,300 and then i got killed due to sneezing ..... i havnt touched the game since XD
  2. I have quite a few 100's none alliance though, but by the end of the day ill have a 100 hunter ready to go , I'd Love to see a Discord chat added btw so we can have a place other than forums to chat about plans
  3. Ill have my MM hunter to 100 by the end of the day ,
  4. 1. Character Name : Angaar 2. Battle.net Name : Angaar#1968 3. Character Class : [Anything I'm needed] 4. Character Spec : [Anything I'm needed] 5. Character Professions : [Anything I'm needed] 6. What is your favorite thing in WoW? PVE Raiding 7. What do you want from this experience? To enjoy progression with RGN's Group 8. PVP or PVE: PVE
  5. if it has been quite some time since you last played ARK there was a Stat nerf a while back on all of ARK
  6. Nvidia Shield for 150$ With remote , 1 controller and the console itself normal price is 250$ -- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013HJ13V0/ref=twister_B00U37EA38?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Hyper X Cloud II Headset [Normal Value 150$] On sale 67$ http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=Homepage_SS-_-P4_26-738-003-_-11272015
  7. Someone claimed 5th and didnt type, All are taken
  9. Ghost and I bred twins before i decided to take a break from altis, it was Twin Pteradons
  10. Buddy isnt sponsored by Hyper X anymore but is about to get a steel series sponsorship and i might get one of their's once he gets them sent
  11. Ill have to do some digging around i may have a few that arnt being used, ill also check with some of my streamer friends who are sponsored by HyperX they get cloud II headsets ALL the time see if i can snag one
  12. Angaar

    Pager Intro

    Good to see you again pager!

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