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  1. emttim

    Hello, RGN

    G'day, GRN! I'm emttim, but most people call me emmit. After being a full time gamer for a few years, and working at another community, I took a break from community gaming when I got married. In Dec of last year, we had our first child, and have been enjoying him a lot. But I've found myself having time to play a game now and again, and remember how much fun I had with a community. Many of the members here are long-lost community-mates from bygone days , and looking forward to connecting with them again and finding new people to play with!

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Welcome to Reckless! We are a community made up of gamers, developers, writers, and friends. You provide the conversations and we provide the platform you can express yourself with. Come play with us as we explore various games new or old, and make some friends while you are here!