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  1. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    Nah doesn't have that much power Thanks man I'm looking for Mic and Mixer recommendations
  2. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    Subwoofer I have 3 more in storage!
  3. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    Thanks! Thanks! Lots of time I'd say lower than you'd think on cost the 4k TV up top I got for 40$ because I found it in the trash and fixed it I'd say 2500 easy Kinky
  4. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    So I've been working on this build for a while and like everyone, I will probably never be finished. Also sorry for the quality had to reduce the photos down due to a size limit on the forums. Keeping it short and sweet please ask any questions. BEFORE AFTER
  5. How is everyone?

  6. WOW

    So somehow I just realized the title says wow when i meant to put rust im not sure how this happened im stupid
  7. WOW

    Your joking this is a gaming community you play whateever
  8. WOW

    So I need people I can play with as a group we will all get together and choose a server to play on due to our server being empty if we all came together as one of a few we can play on official severs and be fine. Let me know if you're interested.
  9. New Headphones

    It's all for show? You could say the same about people who wear glasses they don't see them while using them so why does it matter what they look like
  10. New Headphones I can say these bad boys are the best headset ive owned
  11. Representing RGN With Our New Sign

    Looks great!
  12. Bring back the Rust server!

    Well on that things to keep in mind due to the recent change from the BP System to the leveling system the Rust community has lost players its self... 400 slot servers that were always full are now 200 on a busy day. Plus we always have to keep in mind that the rust community is quite toxic at times and we need to becareful with them lurking the forums
  13. Bring back the Rust server!

    No that completely ruins the game
  14. Bring back the Rust server!

    I vote it stays vanilla