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  1. Game: killing floor 2 Reason: I saw a video and it looked amazing. I'd love to destroy some zombies, spiders and other monsters! Also I could use another game to play with people!
  2. welcome I hope you enjoy the community
  3. Tim

    Hello, RGN

    I see your name is Tim so is minehahaha welcome!
  4. Tim


    Lmao I am having some fun, have been playing some games with people from the community throughout the summer already!
  5. Tim


    Thanks man I think I will!
  6. Tim


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!
  7. Tim


    I probably will stick around, when school starts I might be a little less active but who knows, I am trying to get better at some of these games and pass the time so I'll probably be around
  8. Tim


    I am new to the community and the forums, my name is Tim and I live in NYC. I am a musician and finishing up my masters degree in classical performance. I love music and games. I discovered this community because my gf and her family were playing a lot of arma 3, I got curious and joined the altis server. I also play some rainbow six , rust, Golf with your friends, pubg , gtav, payday and some other multiplayer games as well as tons of other games. I hope to have some fun times meeting new people playing games and having laughs. I have already met some cool, funny and nice people. I look forward to continued good times and fun games! Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best! Tim
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    2. Tim
    3. Al Hoff

      Al Hoff

      awwww matching shirts!

    4. Tristan


      goaaaaalllllssssss!!!! hahahaha

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