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  1. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    How so? Because i stated my opinion of Kav being an abandoned shit hole? Maybe a once populated shit hole sounds better? Maybe you're not mature enough to notice a little sarcasm, maybe you just want to argue? I'm not sure, nor do I much care to find out. I've never liked Kav, and your pic amuses me to not see 50 little shit head trolls running around making life hell. Not that I want to see the server low pop or any other way people love to twist things up into. Please remove your link, it would be considered advertising for another server.
  2. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Oh look, you're standing in an abandoned shit hole. No cool eclipse for you! The negativity, hostility, and flat out immaturity in a lot of these responses baffle me. Close, and lock this thread, then blow it up just like Kavala... If Altis dies, it dies. RGN/GSN made one hell of a good run at it, but the game is old, the map is old, the constant RDM, Bitching, Trolling, Immaturity, fucking all of it is old for most of us with well over 2k hours on Arma, and most of those spent on RGN/GSN's life servers. I, among MANY other former, and current members, even non members, have put a shit load of work into making this server something to be proud of for a long time. It is very obvious it's a niche market now, why keep beating the dead horse? @Draxt @BangbusDriver @Eagles @SomeoneYouLike @MiAtCh @Matthew can one of y'all lock, and get rid of this shitty thread please?
  3. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    I think GTA V will end up taking the role over Altis TBH. The lack of good new games to me, is almost non existent. I'm waiting for Forza 7, and may pick up Forza Horizon 3 to mess with for now.
  4. Type 115 For Civs

    It has been seen in cache drops FYI
  5. Instead of ASSuming how the vent will go, why not just participate and have a good time? You've just repeated yourself like 5 times now, but I honestly don't see how a draft makes it any more fair really. People take the players they know are good first always, it would be like me joining the csgo draft with my hour of gameplay vs almost any of you that probably have 100's or 1000's of hours played on it. Makes it zero fun at all, here is a game with everyone on an even field, less than 25 hours total played for anyone entering as of now, and you have days to practice and get familiar. I don't see the problem here truly, but lets keep this thread clear from here. It's not CSGO, and it's not a draft pick this time, show up, play, have some fun, and nest time around if this doesn't go as planned it can be changed up to fit. Again, no disrespect or anything of the sort, sorry your thread got cluttered up @Cole Bellic and @SomeoneYouLike I'd participate but i won't be home this time around, good luck to everyone though! Meme on.
  6. CSGO is over done, is it such a bad thing for the community to try something new? This game hasn't been out that long that we need a draft like CSGO, let the first one play out, and make changes from there out if it's not as superb as you'd like. Complaining that it's not what you want or catering to you is just silly my guy.
  7. I HATE CSGO, i think it is absolute garbage.... This plays very close to CSGO and was stupid easy to learn. One or two nights of playing the game and you'd be on level with everyone else, those that are playing are not gods at the game. I've played with them a bit, and heard plenty of rage and shenanigans. My first 4 rounds I got shit on right away, no kills etc. Next 5 rounds I got min 3 kills each time, and an ace... easy game to learn, even against try hards. you have enough from the bat for a gun, there isn't an advantage that I've seen ( i grabbed the Scar L and i dont recall the other gun). Even not knowing the maps didn't make it that hard. This sounds like because it's not CSGO you don't want to participate and just whine about it. So maybe you don't have BS, or just haven't played it much, don't want to? idk. Not being rude or negative, but you said your .02, if you don't plan on playing drop it or take it to PM's please.
  8. Altis Life Admins

    It most certainly can and does usually take longer than that to deal with Admin things. Rushing to a ban or any decision is just setting yourself up for failure, and with a smaller group working on taking care of the server, cut them a little slack. Not like the admins are paid to take time out of their day at all hours to be at your beck and call when shit goes wrong. They volunteer their time, and should be appreciated for it no matter what. I've helped try and track hackers down before, it fucking SUCKS!!
  9. Player Report - [MOB]Drewski

  10. completed [CC] Litty Combat Log

    @Matthew here is the combat log and them rdming me after taking me hostage.
  11. completed [CC] Litty Combat Log

    It should, i'll double check when i get off work today. I'll post a reply by 7pm EST tonight for ya
  12. completed [CC] Litty Combat Log

    I have video of this that can be posted if need be, hadn't got around to it. They kidnapped me, then executed me about 30 seconds later. Then got shit on by casual, and combat logged, while 1 stayed in chat to say they don't care etc.
  13. comp request for sure., they may be able to restore it based on your video but I'm not sure how that all goes.
  14. Casual's *OFFICIAL* Reintroduction

    Depth tonight on the stream @Casual