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  1. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I have old ddr3 1600 ram, but 16gb anyhow. I do plan to upgrade to an i7, ddr4 etc, but what Ron is missing, this is an ultra wide with way more pixels than a 27 in 1440p monitor, Linus and jayz 2 cents both note needing some serious gpu to run that monitor to its full potential. It's capable of 100hz, so yeah i want a steady 100 fps or more. Many posted results tell me a 1080 won't quite do that. To falconspoint, I would not need to update the ti for a long time, hell I had an 8800gts for years before finding a steal on 2 760's, then got my 970. I think it's time i spoiled myself with high end gear.
  2. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    It's almost looking like 2 1080's is actually cheaper than 1 TI right now. I'm struggling to find a TI I want for under 1k, crazy...
  3. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I'm aiming to maintain 100 or more fps on ultra at 1440p. Bring an ultra wide it's got damn near the pixels of a 4k display anyhow. So from what I've found the 1080 will run most everything 70-110 fps on high etc on the x34, so yeah I'll be going for a 1080 ti to get all dem frames. I'll be going to an upgraded cpu, but not until I can manage the steep cost of am i7, mobo, and 32gb of ram... I don't see my i5 letting me down for some time though
  4. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    i may have to just pay micro center a visit, just not down for paying an inflated price for a TI.
  5. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I've got a few weeks to browse for a good deal on a new graphics card while I wait on my tax return to come in. I'm looking for a 1080 or 1080 TI, I don't want a FE card. I've been looking at the g1 gaming cards, as I'm very happy with my previous gen 970. If anyone knows of any good deals online, or happens to have a used card let me know! The limit and major draw back of the 970 is the VRAM and not using the full 4gb the card has. I know it could run that monitor in 1440p decent, but I'm over due for an upgrade for myself too. Using it to run my incoming Predator X34. Specs I5 4690k @4.7ghz 16gb ram 256gb ssd 970 g1 gaming
  6. December Recruitment

  7. Hello!

    Welcome and enjoy yourself, most don't bite around here. Should be easy finding folks to play with.
  8. Pet and Animal Thread

    Our 2 cats, marshmallow (the fat one) and Rizzo. I adopted marshmallow early this year after he was an owner surrender. Rizzo has been with my gf for a few years now, rescued as well.
  9. Hello everyone

    Harro and welcome
  10. Banned on TS

  11. How about a community polls section. Wjere we can vote for community event games and such. Or something similar where we can get the community to speak up on what we are playing and be more involved as a group?
  12. completed Icehole TS ban dispute

    The Admin team is currently taking a vote on the matter, we should have a decision by the end of the day Monday the 11th. Apologies for the delay. @Icehole
  13. Congratulations To Our New Admins!

    Thanks! And congrats to my fellow Admin/community members. Glad to help.
  14. 4k with clutch

    if @Eagles stops going AFK all the time with Rainbow open, I'd probably play with you, but every fucking time you're AFK.
  15. Some of you may know how much of a car guy I am, and on top of that I love racing games (good ones anyhow). Forza Motorsports 7 is coming out early October and I'm curious if anyone else plans on getting it? My buddy and I ran Oxygen Racing or o2R for short back from Forza 2, and it still lives on through 6. At one point I held #1 in the world for S class leaderboard hot lap times in Forza 4, and plan on getting back into it pretty heavily. Forza wasn't just racing, it had car soccer, Cat and Mouse, and more, which ended up being some of the best times I've had gaming. I'll like 2 of the videos I made from FM4 car soccer, and if anyone is interested in playing or seeing some videos when it comes out, I'll see what I can do. I've never been much of a streamer, but I'm sure I can setup some lobby racing stuff for people to watch. Little 1v1 action