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  1. All that needs to be said is "penis breath" love you!
  2. Hello folks, Many of the older community members and Altis regulars know me, but as there are so many new faces around, a re introduction is a bit over due. I stepped away for a while, and put in a lot more work in my personal life, as I just had a lot of shit going on at the time and may not have been as nice to some as I normally would be. After getting my own house, and a handful of other good/fun changes, I'm back to casually have some fun in my spare time. Finding the time to get back into what I truly enjoy, gaming in good company. I'm sure I'll see a lot of you around on Arma, I've been known to play some Rocket League, RS6S, GTA V, Magic Duels, and more.
  3. What server were you banned from? Altis Who banned you? Noms Why were you banned? Not welcome here What is your in game name? [OP4 FNG] D Trump Player ID: 76561198166555860 I've yet to have the chance to hear he audio from the night everything went down. In a nut shell someone was streaming, we didn't know and looked like idiots. I don't recall what I myself said in relation to everything. It was extremely late for me the night it happened, and i said what was on my mind at the time and left. In my 3 years being around between both of the communities, I've had 1 valid player report against me. I understand the blanket decision and all of that, I write this ban dispute to clear my name of breaking any actual rules to earn a perm ban. I first came around on OP4's original decline and ban, never understood the sheer hate towards them. I knew going in, there would be a chance of being banned if the group was given another blanket ban. It didn't exactly phase me, as I don't break rules, and haven't ever been known for it. In reality I have a fairly lazy play style and don't tend to stick myself in shitty situations like I have here. Mistakes were made simply put, and I understand the demotion. I also stand by stepping away from the community, if I'm going to make myself look bad in the future if I'm unbanned it'll only be myself that looks bad, not RGN. Whats done is done, I've learned a few things along the way. I've made a lot of friends along the way, and this unban would be solely for my casual enjoyment of the server and their company. Since I truly don't feel I've ever been a toxic or in any way abusive player on this server. While my good deeds don't make up for the wrong that night, they should show everyone I tried to make this community better and more fun for everyone. Regardless of the decision here, it has been fun RGN. It's time for me to be a true casual gamer and enjoy my personal life, as 2017 is going to be a big year for me. I move into my own house in just over a month, so you won't see much of me around if y'all do lift it. Thanks for reading, hope everyone had a happy holiday.
  4. I'm the resident reefer farmer, have a medical card myself etc etc. Welcome.
  5. I'll review this.
  6. under review

    I'll handle this when the evidence is posted. Leaving open for 24 hours.
  7. completed

    You act like they got off the hook just for comping you. No sir, that's not the case. We have a procedure to follow, this user has no prior notes, now he has. If this kind of stuff continues, he can be dealt with accordingly. What did you want me to do, ban him for his first documented offense on our server? You act like you are all upset, did you even reach out to them about this prior to reporting it? I think it looks quite intentional myself, I don't buy the "FPS drop" Hence a note being applied, and they will be watched a bit closer.
  8. completed

    So in the future @Wiggles please reach out to the other party to work things out BEFORE posting a player report. Case closed, Happy Holidays
  9. completed

    I would much rather y'all work it out that way, this is a pretty petty report. We highly encourage everyone to try and work these things out and use the report a player section as a last ditch effort when it can't be resolved. I don't feel there needs to be a large comp made, but they would still have been wanted, and lost a little gear/items etc. I'd like to see y'all offer them each 30k for their time and gear. If you guys can make that happen, and it's ok with @Sirmitch25we can call this resolved when comp has been received. Just keep in mind, if you can't safely land your helicopter somewhere, don't. you will be responsible for anyone you may kill, fps drop, or not in the future. We understand mistakes happen, but better choices should have been made. It does look kinda poor on your group when you blame them for just sitting in prison doing absolutely nothing wrong, but your pilot lands on them.
  10. completed

    Anything you'd like to say here?
  11. completed

    @Darrell Watts were you the pilot? If not please don't post on reports that don't directly involve you. But since you did, let me clear something up first. You are coming into the jail to land, there is nothing saying THEY have to move for YOU. period. If you cannot safely land that helicopter without hurting anyone, then you should not being doing it period. I also find it hard to believe, watching him lift off and then go back to squish the 2nd guy. Let alone if it was truly a mistake, would you not get out and say sorry? Or revive them? Please direct your pilot to our forums and this post, as he is the ONLY PERSON I want a reply from. Side note, while this is a very small issue. Did anyone attempt to work anything out in game, or in TS prior to coming to the forums? They clearly were just sitting there, doing nothing but waiting their time out, least y'all could have done was offer them a tiny bit of comp. Considering they died, and would not lose their wanted level after all.
  12. completed

    @Sirmitch25 Thank you for your player report, I apologize you had such a poor experience with what looks to be a very new public officer. I will be placing a note on this users profile for fail RP and bad pub cop. I will also attempt to find him when I'm online again, so that we can explain to him how our police force is expected to act. If you guys lost anything gear wise, please link this report and submit a compensation request. Happy Holidays
  13. @Jimmy
  14. gas station pays just over 100k at most, fed is millions potentially. Gas stations should be 3 RPD online at most 4. Dom beat me to it, would suck to gear up and plan it out, get there and it be a no go.

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