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  1. As you wish, Master. The task is done @@Ronduth
  2. Okay so after a long long time i have finally fully completed my setup, so here it is! CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX Memory: 32gb HyperX Fury DDR3 Graphics: MSI Twin Frozr GTX 970 Power Supply: Corsair CX750M Storage: 1Tb Seagate HDD + 250GB Crucial BX100 SSD Fans: 2x Corsair Stock fans (Intake - Front Mounted) 2x Corsair stock fans (Exhaust - Top mounted on 240mm Radiator) 1x Corsair stock fan (Exhaust - Rear Mounted) Peripherals: 2x VX239H 23inch Asus Monitors, 1x BENQ GL2450 24inch Monitor, Razer Kraken Pro Headset, Razer Blackwidow Keyboard, M65 RGB Corsair Gaming Mouse, Audio Technica AT2020, Neweer Boom Arm and a Razer Firefly Mousemat. Case: Corsair 760T Graphite Series
  3. So today i realised a very important life lesson and its quite simple. 'Just because people cry when youre down, Doesn't mean they're prepared to help you up'

    1. Jack Smith

      Jack Smith

      You know what I realised? Will is an attention seeking whore.

    2. Ronny


      Jack, why are going such a savage?

  4. On April 27th 1996 a young screaming (British) Baby was born. He had the eyes of a crystal blue ocean and the heart of an Angel. When he was 4 years old on January 1st 2000 his parents - William and Kate were murdered by two very unruly men. He spent years wondering how? Why? Did his parents have to die. On his eighteenth birthday he found out the horrific truth. His parents weren't dead... He searched for days, through old police records, through his old stuff, photos and videos. It didn't make sense. Until he found his Mothers wedding dress. Tucked away in the vale was a small photograph of them on their wedding day. On the back of the photo was a date, a time and a place: 10th February 1995 13:56pm ALTIS Underneath was a handwritten sentence from his mother: "I love you William, Our wedding day was great. I hope we can move to Altis one day. I LOVE IT HERE" He did some research and decided that this place was the only link he had to his parents. He woke up April 28th. Poured some tea into a mug and buttered a crumpet. He ate and drank fast and left for the harbor. It was cold and rainy when he arrived, he was greeted by a police officer that welcomed him to their HQ, he was given coffee and donuts. He asked "I hope you don't mind but do you know William or Kate Smith?" The officer looked at him. Sighed and spoke: "Who were they to you boy?" "My parents" He exclaimed. "I'm so sorry" Said the officer "They were killed three years ago" "it was all over the news, they died fighting against a rebel group when they invaded their town" "They died a valiant and painless death my boy". He held his head in his hands and sighed. The officer put a hand on his shoulder and said "Take as much time as you need" and walked away. The following day he caught a taxi into the town of Charkia. In the centre was a huge statue of a man and a woman. On the plaque at the base read "In honour of William and Kate Smith. The Protectors of Charkia" He turned and walked away, his head hung low. He muttered under his breath "im gonna make you pay, You bastards" He went to his motel. Pulled out the draw and pulled a Rook 40 9mm, and tucked it in the back of his trousers. He swung open the door and walked out. In one hand he held a second Rook and in the other, the crumpled picture of his parents on their wedding day...

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