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  1. What Server were you banned from: GTA V ROLEPLAYWho banned you: UnknownWhy were you banned: Not taking Roleplay seriously as I used to rob gas stations constantly and end in up a bloody battle ( As I don't value my life, or the cops' every time).When were you banned: 2017/10/08What is your in game name: Franklin BiggumsUser/Player ID: STEAM_0:0:92383019Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I have come up onto the teamspeak yesterday right after I got banned, and discussed about the issue calmly with other moderators. From now on I've known my mistakes very well and will do my best to avoid them. I've read the rules once again and found out some points I didn't focus on that I was applying in-game. I currently see myself well-prepared to roleplay once again without any troubles.
  2. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Will there be any other tournament ??
  3. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Past Tournament was " Golf with friends " now " Black Squad ".... what's life
  4. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    @Cole Bellic He just suggested, and it's really true. Guess they decided to choose Black Squad for cheap people
  5. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    What if those " banned " people from the community win the tournament? Will it be cancelled?
  6. Well.. Atleast I tried

    awkward and embarrassing @Elliott Gragsler
  7. As long as this server is successful, it deserves more than this.