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  1. Reckless Gaming Network Introduction Video is now live 

    good job on the new one but the old one was sorta nicer and more applicable
  2. pic of the console itself ?
  3. SAPD Inactive Cops

    Available after 5PM EST weekdays and all day weekends
  4. The Motorcycle conundrum

    wolfy , what happens on the server is not even ''barely'' speeding , including running stop signs, red lights and illegal u-turns and reckless driving , or drifting and wheelies ... cop bait and just annoying others with their exhaust. that is not just bikers but sadly other car owners too..
  5. The Motorcycle conundrum

    cop baiters , get them banned pls
  6. Setting the RP Stage

    or buy/rent houses with real estate agent and sales representative elliott ?
  7. Server Bugs

    Hey everyone , our server has been running perfectly since opening ,and I am more than thankful on behalf of RGN as a community for the time placed towards the development of our GTA V server ! However ; every game has its flaws and bugs , can we have these resolved asap devs? 1- Some vehicles come with a f10 perk where you are able to fix it no matter the damage by enabling then disabling the 11th perk ; really unfair in pursuits and such.. 2- Invisibility of players under the police station where we have to exit and enter the basement twice . 3- Permanent unsolvable invisibility at apartments/condos and houses where RP gets really awkward by the real estate agent and clients . Where we sometimes loose each other in the house .. lol 4- Citations & taxi Invoices , sometimes the offender is unable to pay citations no matter what although they received it . At first , many of us thought it was just total bs , turns out it's a thing as it has happened to me. 5- Vehicle info (Police) - At many times , we can never indicate and actual owner for a car even if it was legitimately purchased by its owner . Where the person can be charged for auto theft , falsely. 6- We are unable to sell/rent houses almost at all because the invoice apparently gets delivered to the client but they never receive it in longer than 3 hours.. 7- A few torsos go throughout the skin which makes it look somehow unrealistic. 8- Ammo glitch , when dying with a weapon ; mags are doubled by 2 when a player re-spawns. 9- I've noticed people that visit gas stations , rob it and dip instantly ; although it cancels . They yet get their money afterwards. 10- At a clothing store , if you select whatever clothes you want , after a final confirmation of purchase ; when you hit no . You yet get what you chose but doesn't save when logging back on. 11- Can we not have shotguns , tazers , batons and all police items when getting off-duty or changing our job . when selecting another tool , it's awkward pulling out a shotgun by mistake . 12- Shoulder and torso invisibility, where we are not able to wear any sorts of tank tops or a ripped jacket without any t-shirts. 13- After entering buildings , like at the real estate agency tower ; a few card de-spawn . Not stolen , it just de-spawns. Thanks a lot for your efforts ! - Elliott If there are any more bugs , go ahead and type them below;
  8. Server Bugs

  9. The best ramen

    @John Falcon hoe
  10. The best ramen

    but i'm a chef tho
  11. Late Introduction

    donald , what's up man , long time no see . nice intro ; looking forward to play with you on gta..
  12. Ideas for new awards!

    hammer award for most bans #meme
  13. October Recruitment and Promotions

    @mav2003 i made it to spo but you made it to recruit , gj man
  14. Gta5 applications

    I believe that you should be messaged back if approved ? Don't take my words ; not sure about it though..