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  1. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    Your Welcome to join i would like your input
  2. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    Im happy to say we have had 15 applicants so far keep in coming boys
  3. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    @John Falcon Shhhh nobody needs to know lol
  4. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    @Tristan They also didn't have me and a bunch or other respected members leading.
  5. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    Other Members @AnneFrank @SnowFlyer @Wolfy @Elliott Gragsler And many more
  6. Next Video is finally out
  7. Pub cop

    ^^^^Their needs to be some kind of accountability ++++1
  8. Look at his specs lol!!! Computer Specs CPU EVGA Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler AMD 1 Fan Motherboard AMG 720p (I think) Memory 1.3 Gigs Storage 300 TB ssd Audio Card 2.0 GHz Video Card AMD 1920x1080 Capture Card Phone Camera Power Supply ∞ Watts Case Mini frige Monitor(s) 2 32 inch 720p tv Headphones PS4 Headphones Microphone PS4 Mic Audio Mixer Volume nob Other Hardware Chair/ Desk/Sweat Rag OS Software Windows 98 Keyboard Wii Fitness board Mouse Wii nunchuck
  9. Medic Jeep Skin

    I know this has bin like this for a while i dint know if you guys where aware of it, it would be nice to have a medics skin for this
  10. invalid Perks Reseting

    My Perks Reset I was level 25 now im 3
  11. Age: 24 Experience: Years of playing while younger Username: bthebulder
  12. Whitelist more EMS

    Backgound Checks take to long you need more staff on Background checks @David Crenshaw @John Falcon @Steve
  13. Whitelist more EMS

    @David Crenshaw @John Falcon
  14. RecklessLife Youtube Series

    @Al Hoff If you have any ideas, support or anything would be much appreciated
  15. RecklessLife Youtube Series

    Im going for funniest moments or interesting moments type thing, i just record when i go with my gang and post the interesting parts my knew one definitely more funny then the first one, im trying to accomplish getting everyone to gether and having fun on the server and on RGN in general, im trying to create hype you know, trying to get people more interested in the server, and a bonus in getting my Youtube channel more popular lol