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  1. After Action Report From: PFC. C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 28 June 2017 Location: Northwest Malden Mission: CSAR Team dispatched to investigate prior away team, sent to Malden to investigate reports of rioting by the local populace. CSAR met heavy resistance from Russian speaking regulars and units in HAZMAT suits. No traces of the away team were found, but spurious reports of a rabies-like infection and cannibalism were found in a dossier located by CSAR. Partial helmet cam video recovered from a 110th-issued helmet located near a small sandbag bunker. Units Involved: Away Team: <unknown> (MIA, possibly KIA) <unknown> (MIA, possibly KIA) CSAR: PFC. "Eggman" PFC. B. Bran Pvt. Cunningham (MIA) PFC. D. Vader Enemy Casualties: 1 APC (BTR/BMP) ~35 Infantry ~50 Civilians Chronology of Events: ~2000 hrs: CSAR team arrive at Northwest Malden to begin search for missing team ~2001 hrs: CSAR team encounters what appears to be a cleanup team placing bodies in body bags under cover of a single BMP and multiple nearby squads 2010 hrs: Team moves further south. Multiple civilians, infantry found KIA. 2015 hrs: Team encounters multiple squads from nearby dilapidated military installation. 2030 hrs: CSAR team RTB to re-gear and re-deploy further south along to coast to investigate multiple reports of riots and violence 2043 hrs: CSAR team redeploys along Western coast of Malden outside of a small village. 2045 hrs: Team encounters multiple Russian-speaking fireteams, team falls back and regroups in near a Church. 2047 hrs: Team is approached by ~20 civilians from the graveyard of the church. Civilians were non-compliant when ordered to clear the area and cease their approach. Civilians appeared to be severely injured and incoherent. 2048 hrs: Civilians become aggressive, warning shots go unheeded 2049 hrs: Civilians killed. Note: Partial helmet cam footage recovered and prepended to initial CSAR team footage.
  2. 2017-06-20 AAR: The Alamo

    That's the medical menu - lets you quickly treat your team mate's and your own injuries
  3. After Action Report From: PFC C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 21 June 2017 Location: Dolores Mission: Intel from contact <REDACTED> following Operation Fire Starter stated that one Klevkov was landed at the airport and was on-island. Fire team was dispatched to investigate / gather intelligence as to ascertain if Klevkov was indeed receiving training from the Russian elements active in the area. If encountered, Klevkov would be brought in for questioning. Units Involved: Fire Team 1: Cpt. A Kutler (KIA) PFC. B. Bran (MIA) PFC D. Vader (KIA) PFC. "Eggman" (KIA) Pvt. "Frog" (KIA) Enemy Casualties: ~100+ Infantry KIA 2 BTRs Chronology of Events: 2115 hrs. Fire team arrives in Dolores as per tip from informant <REDACTED> to meet at a destroyed outpost in the north side of the city. 2120 hrs. Informant MIA. Fire team 1 arrived at the arranged location and was met with 1-2 squad-sized enemy elements. Meeting appeared to be compromised. 2125 hrs. Heavy assault from all directions, light mortar fire / hand grenades, and BTR reinforcements. Minimal casualties. 2130 hrs. Another assault wave, multiple blue casualties. 2135 hrs. Assault wavers, while treating wounded, remaining elements of fire team are eliminated by precise sniper fire from the East. All blue elements either MIA / KIA. 2142 hrs. AO command receives contact from <REDACTED>. Person matching description of Klevkov seen fleeing Dolores via boat. Location was indeed compromised. Unknown whether or not the ambush was retaliation for events that transpired in Operation Fire Starter. Source of OPSEC compromise not yet known.
  4. 2017-06-17 AAR: SIGINT

    There's gonna be plenty of action left Manof! We'll save you a seat in the HMMWV! Thanks BK!
  5. After Action Report From: Pv2. C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 17 June 2017 Location: South West Somato Mission: Fireteam dispatched to eliminate one Major General Sergey V. Zhukov, and gather time sensitive signals intelligence pertaining to militia unit strength and positions in and around Vyshnoye, Guglovo, and Mogilevka prior to Operation Fire Starter. While it has been theorized that the Russians have been providing material and training support to the militia in Chernarus, no concrete evidence has been found to this point. Units were informed that Maj. Gen. Zhukov had arrived in Southern Sahrani to inspect Russian garrisons at the military installation southwest of Somato. Units Involved: CAS: WO1. "Gator" Pv2. J. Matthews Fire Team 1: Pv2. B. Bran Pv2. "Eggman" Chronology of Events: 1300 hrs: Pv2. B. Bran and Pv2. "Eggman" are inserted into the AO by CAS units, which after strafing the target AO have removed the threat of multiple armor / mechanized units. 1305 hrs: Fire team have eliminated most armed resistance around the AO. 1306 hrs: Zhukov eliminated. 1310 hrs: Zhukov's laptop is located. 1311 hrs: Mission failure - Zhukov had managed to wipe most traces of sigint from his laptop. A small fragment of an email log was able to be recovered (Attachment 1). A few maps had been located but are not of good quality and show little information other than topography of the region. These were forwarded to High Command. 1315 hrs: Fire team redeployed southwest to Acadia to interrogate one Colonel Alexi "The Butcher" Petrov following partial recovery of aforementioned email log that identified that Col. Petrov was on-island, as well as intelligence from informant <REDACTED>. Petrov was subsequently captured (Figure 1), along with a bodyguard. 1320 hrs: Petrov and bodyguard are killed by Spetsnaz units north of Acadia. Petrov and Zhukov both sent back to HQ for positive ID. Note: Footage after 1315hrs has been redacted to protect identity of informant <REDACTED>. Attachment 1: Corrupted / partially destroyed email logfile: IdU5p61}Gai͜M "NSWlUqX9T}|lr!v"%Mz\ڴL JUN 17 11:44:14 Zhuk-laptop postfix/smtp[2441]: IdU5p61}Gai͜M nrcpt=1 (queue active) msg=< Col Petrov, I am inspecting [email protected] at MILINST-552 today [email protected] Please [email protected]Ƞf61}Gai that I wilT} our uni}G at locڱ#} will nڱ#} Our contacts in glovo3GשE}|Z await further instruc4q>:)[email protected] pertainiX9 american') 3GשE Maj. Gen ZhuC:n #rA[! ̴̯͖͙̻̣̦̱̲͓̼̽ͤ͆̿̀ͅ>>)bgC"@-?eڱ#}"+bt꨻I1[R ciҠB޶Ě30XF0Ƞf) 3GשE}|Ze{C:nQ꫌4q>:)[email protected]?q46- }|Ze{C:nQ꫌Ƞf) 3GשE}|Ze{C:nQ꫌4q>:)[email protected]?q46- )>!}'w#rA[!T~WIdU5p61}Gai͜M "NSWlUqX9T}|lr!v"%Mz\ڴLe;&0`Y^$`_Ny
  6. After Action Report From: Pv2. C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 16 June 2017 Location: Northern Terra Acorcha Mission Squad 1 to reinforce ground units to the south of base against potential attack. Units Involved CAS / Squad 1: WO1. "Gator" Squad 1: Pvt. James Blue Pv2. B. Bran Pv2. "Eggman" Pvt. Cunningham Enemy Casualties 80+ Infantry KIA ~5-7 Ural Transport Trucks 3 BTRs 2 Hind Transport Helicopters Chronology of Events 0100 hrs: Squad arrives on scene to reinforce ground units. 0105 hrs: Begin taking fire from the north-northwest and southwest, enemy reinforcements arrive via transport trucks to the east and north. 0106-0107 hrs: Enemy paratroopers drop in to the west and north of our position. 0113 hrs: Additional enemy transport trucks arrive to the east of our position. 0120 hrs: Squad rearms, moves East towards Dolores to destroy remaining enemy forces, WO1. "Gator" RTB for CAS. 0125 hrs: Squad / CAS locate several BTRs en route to Dolores, vehicles are immobilized / destroyed. 0130 hrs: Little ground resistance, CAS chalks multiple vehicle kills. 0145 hrs: Mission Complete, squad RTB.
  7. After Action Report From: Pv2. C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 15 June 2017 Location: South Somato Mission: Squad was assigned to assault a fortified position south of Somato. Units Involved: Squad 1: Cpt. A Cutler Pv2. "Eggman" Pvt. Frog (KIA) Pv2. B. Bran Enemy Casualties: 1 BTR ~50 Infantry KIA Chronology of Events: ~2000 hrs: Cpt. A. Cutler, Pvt Frog and Pv2. Eggman approach a lightly garrisoned enemy position from the south, wiping most of the inhabitants with mounted .50Cal. ~2005 hrs: While gathering intel from the site and treating the wounded, the location is assaulted from the southwest, northeast, and northwest by Spetsnaz and regular infantry. 2010hrs: Reinforcements arrives on scene (Pv2. B. Bran). Pvt. Frog KIA by enemy fire while suppressing enemy to the southwest 2015hrs: 2-3 additional enemy squads arrive on scene, approaching from southwest and northeast, a small fireteam attempts to flank our position from the south. 2020hrs: Our position begins taking RPG / mortar fire.
  8. Thanks Robbie! Will do - I'm working on getting my OBS settings all dialed in!
  9. After Action Report From: Pvt. C. "Eggman" Auchmann To: Commanding Officer, 110th Reckless Company Dated: 11 June 2017 Location: Paraiso, Guan Mission: Squad 1 departs to Guan to remove the enemy presence, and clear the way for a push towards Paraiso. Pvt. B. Bran and Pvt. Eggman move south of Paraiso to establish a Forward Observation Post for the push into Paraiso. Units involved: CAS: WO1: "Napoleon" ( KIA ) CWO2: <unknown> ( KIA ) Squad 1: Sgt. W. Ranger ( KIA ) Pvt. Rambo Robbie ( KIA ) Pvt. <unknown> ( KIA ) Pvt. <unknown> ( KIA ) Squad 2: MSgt. T. Flint ( KIA ) Pvt. B. Bran Pvt. "Eggman" Pvt. D. Chlo Pvt. Frog ( MIA ) Enemy Casualties: ~ 110 Infantry KIA 2 Wounded, Captured, KIA Chronology of Events: 2115 hrs: Pvt Eggman and Pvt. B. Bran are dispatched due North from base (Figure 2) to scout leg two of Squad 1's mission. Squad 1 departs towards Guan. ~2120 hrs: Squad one makes initial contact with the enemy, and encounters heavy resistance (Figure 3), > 2 enemy squad elements as well as AA batteries. During this engagement, two aircraft are lost to AA fire. 2130 hrs: Pvt. Eggman and Pvt. B Bran return to base to link up with MSgt. T. Flint, Pvt. Frog, and Pvt. D. Chlo, to assist Squad 1 by flanking the enemy from the East. 2140 hrs: Squad 1 is MIA ( Assumed KIA ). CSAR is notified. It is decided the Squad 2 will move north into Paraiso from the previously secured compound to perform a revenge snatch and grab. 2200 hrs: Squad 2 enters Paraiso from the insertion point 1 ( Figure 4 ) and encounters ~15 enemy infantry (marked 1 and 2) from the south and west of the insertion point. At that point, Pvt. Frog at this point fails to respond to radio calls, assumed MIA. 2215 hrs: Squad 2 reaches the gas station northeast from the insertion point, marked A, and begins moving westward. No additional enemy contact. 2235 hrs: Squad 2 is just north of the town center, position marked B. At this point we were ambushed by two enemy squads, 3 and 4 from the rear and front, respectively. 2245 hrs: Enemy combatants are beat back and forced to regroup. Squad 2 begins moving to the southeast where we are ambushed again by enemy squads, marked 5, 6, and 7. MSgt. T. Flint is KIA. Pvt. D. Chlo takes two prisoners during this engagement. One said prisoner bit into a cyanide capsule and dies. The other (Figure 5) is disarms, bound, and gagged. Squad 2 attempts to disengage to the south towards the safehouse, marked D. 2300 hrs: Pvt B. Bran and Pvt. Eggman bound towards the HMMWV, located at the initial insertion point, and return to the safehouse. At that point, we return to base under heavy enemy fire. 2310 hrs: Captive (Figure 5) manages to free himself and is killed in the ensuing struggle. Note: We were having technical difficulties with the helmet cam. Nearby explosions disrupted both my optics and the camera. 110th Inf. Support have managed to salvage the following footage: Significant Accomplishments: Pvt. D. Chlo and Pvt. B. Bran showed outstanding courage in the face of superior enemy forces. On several occasions these soldiers would divert enemy fire away from injured or suppressed elements such that they could move to cover. MSgt. T. Flint displayed excellent composure under fire and was able to maneuver his squad out of two successive ambushes, even laying down his life to ensure the success of the mission. Observations / Lessons Learned: The enemy (Russian) are very resilient. They will often fight until the last man and show little regard for their own safety. Paraiso is heavily guarded, and the captured soldier's unwillingness to be taken alive is troublesome. Despite a thorough search, we could not locate what the multiple squads were attempting to protect.
  10. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: Feb 4 2017 @ 2PM EST What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: seana Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: Was pulling a Hellcat from Kavala hospital when I was approached by seana who demanded I get out of the vehicle. I was then shot and the EMS vehicle was chopped. Brought seana into TS, and his only justification was that he needed the money. Did not comp when asked.
  11. [DH] Sokolov Double RDM

    His recount is different. He stepped out of the vehicle after being told to do so (he waiting in the vehicle until approached and told to exit). He double tapped CTRL to lower the weapon, and was told to place it on his back. While in the animation he was shot. Again, he is a newer player and this was actually his first engagement ever (Welcome to RGN!!!), so his behavior during this situation is not optimal, but was still compliant. From the actual, non-anecdotal evidence presented, I was not engaged. period. No text, no voice, nothing. Also, there was little time between when he received a text and shots were fired. Additionally, I fail to see how any person exiting a vehicle pointing directly downward is a threat. It is understood that with a weapon equipped it is shouldered while exiting the vehicle. There was no time to even CTRL-H in this situation (my finger was on the CTRL key). Yes, you could argue that I could have inventoried the weapon prior to exiting, but if your intention was to RP, would your first instinct be to shoot or to wait, given that we were outnumbered, you had the drop on us, and I have been compliant to a request that wasn't even made of me? I understand that you cannot read our mind, or determine our intentions, but this type of situation happens to the RPD very, very often (armed civilians exiting vehicles). How often to they kill compliant civilians? I feel that is an apples-to-oranges comparison given that the RPD follows more stringent rules, has a modified ROE, and typically does not have significant financial incentive for pulling over people running expensive vehicles (barring contributions to the RPD Green Initiative )
  12. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: January 31st 2017 at appro 9:20PM EST What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: [DH] Sokolov Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: Was running cocaine with a new player, うわと. DH flew over and airdropped a ground vehicle while we were processing. We decided to flee to Syrta. They texted うわと, engaging him, but did not text or vocally engage me. We decided to pull over and comply with their demands. I pulled over regardless, in good faith, hoping to RP this out. While doing so, I or うわと began to take fire. I got out of the vehicle (remember, not initiated at this point), looking straight at the ground and was shot. うわと was later shot while complying with their requests to holster his weapon, but there is weak proof for that encounter (no video, as mentioned in the video). [DH] Sokolov was messaged by both parties ( myself and うわと ) prior to submitting this request, but did not respond. The players referred to in the early part of the video are [TT] Kirby and [TT]amx. That is a separate event and unrelated to this.
  13. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: January 30th 2017. At around 10PM EST. What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Microsoft Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: Arrived in Kavala from East, went to square and this happened. Video starts when I finished refueling my chopper and pulled the truck from the garage to go to Kavala Square.
  14. ACE 3 - Medical System

    Good stuff, thank you for putting this up!