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  1. I came back for the variety of games and the people that are really nice here. I came back now to start a new chapter for myself and to have fun. Other servers in general, I dont want to mention specific.
  2. Holy shit, where do I start. Well for those of you who do not know me my name is Stryker. I was around in the life server portion of reckless. I was very active and was meeting new people everyday. Well after the shut down of the life server here I went to another community to hopefully find a place. I did, and I will have to say it was not very enjoyable. I am here now to announce that I am coming back to RGN. I have realized that playing life servers is not gaming and there is a lot of other fun things to do around here. I am here at reckless to become a member and to actually have fun with gaming for now on. Thanks to all of you that have helped me and I am glad to be back.
  3. Hey everybody it is Stryker. I have shown up again in the past few months and have dedicated myself to the Altis Life server. Now that the server is gone I have finally came back to the world where there is more than just Arma 3. In the few months that I have came back I have recently gotten myself into the marketing team. I will be putting more time into my roles for the marketing team. I want nothing but for RGN to succeed and I will be more active than I have. I am excited to meet new people outside of Arma and build a friend base that I can play games with. All of you have a great day and it has been Stryker. Peace,
  4. Submit funny clips and stuff to the marketing team we post stuff on the official reckless network YouTube channel.

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