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  1. What game and server were you on: Malden server 1 What time/date did the offense occur: 4:00 est 4:20 est. What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting:(TSM) Grandpa ethan Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: Combat log x2 Clearly meant to do both.
  2. Welcome to the forums man!
  4. Welcome to RGN!
  5. Why is there only 60 slots in the server, personally i find it boring for only 30 civilians to be on and 16 cops and the server to be full. It makes people be easily bored on cop and civilians also. Its also harder for ems to get on and for people to hop on ems if the server is full and someone wants to switch to a ems slot when there is none of them on.
  6. Bring altis back if malden dies, But that is it.
  7. Yeah, i was just like how could he do that through docs.... I guess theres a way lol.
  8. Seems cool as shit man, but will the roster still be going through docs? or some other program?
  9. Welcome to the forums man, i already met you before during the bootcamp!
  10. So in the spirit of this post So this is how i think, Malden will never be fun without a steady population. Its a small map, True a smaller map might work for a smaller population but that does not work for long. I say we aim on release to make the server look as attractive as we can, We cant count on huge boost from altis so we need to make the server attractive to the common altis life player. That means keep the Rifles and keep everything the same. We can then count on these people after a couple of weeks to have some friends, be invested in the community one way or another then we can start changing things up a little bit. Maybe then we can remove the 6.5's and keep 5.56's Remove arco and the rco. But the biggest issue i am seeing so far in these post is that nobody is taking into account how a pistol only unmodded malden life server would look like to the average altis life player that come from the servers with big guns. No matter how you look at it we need rifles in the beginning then later when we have population we can start the transition to a more roleplay oriented server when we have a steady base of players that will be on board with it as long as its Reckless.
  11. It was relevant with my discussion with you, you went off topic in your post not relevant to the subject? But eh, I am the troll here stating my opinion and your the one going off topic saying that "You and the people you play with are the issue" . This would of never happened if you decided not to attack me and call me the reason the server is dying. i decided to call you out on a false statement, Sorry if i got your panties in a bunch over repeating a sentence 4 times trying to make it emphasize what i am specifically targeting.
  12. Troll, no someone that states there opinion and likes to call people out that calls me a terrible role-player yes, i am not just going to let you be aggressive in a post and make attacks on me and not respond. These are just my own opinions and if you have a problem with it then good on you, just don't be a dick in the way you respond saying i am the main issue. I am just trying to state my opinion and defend it, aight? troll One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
  13. "You and the people you play with" "You and the people you play with" "You and the people you play with" "You and the people you play with" I wish i could have "People i play with" The only people that i "Play with" is @Steve.Next time make sure that once you say that they actually have some sort of friends they "Play with", i don't have many "Friends" in this community that play altis.
  14. Not really, people become invested in a community once they stay for bout 2 weeks.
  15. Okay, Well i have been wanting to say something for a while about the server, Its dead because of the "Session LOST" issue. Not because of "RP" let me tell you something, nobody goes and plays Altis life for the next great new "Roleplay". People go play altis to have a server in which they are not obliged to roleplay all the time, they can just hop and pew pew some people they can talk shit to later after about it . If you banned everyone on the server if it was at max slots that cant roleplay you would have to ban 3/4 of the population. Most of the people in the RP community that want roleplay go play gtav or like some white listed rp server. People like the idea of altis life because they dont have to roleplay all the time, the only time people have to "Roleplay" in alits is for the quick time your being pulled over or arrested and all you have to do is refrain from saying a couple of words and your good. But i will keep on saying that if we wipe the server and add malden life and keep everything the same the same kiddos that left the server will come back to try it out and have fun with it. All i am asking is this since this "Roleplay" malden oriented server wont work, if you guys want a whitelisted arma 3 server which is strict roleplay then good on you for it. But alits life and malden life will be the same home for the kind of people i have stated above.

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