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  2. Introduction

    Welcome to the Forums man!!!!
  3. September Donators

    Thanks guys!!!
  4. Ideas for new awards!

    PUBG Award most win/Best player or etc.
  5. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats everyone!!!!
  6. Happy birthday LoneWolf!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Need music

  8. Reckless Friday Feedback!

    Maybe before hand we have a handful of topics to talk about in the beginning so we can get it started up faster.
  9. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    No its fine that it is black squad, but the thing is that if it was draft with experienced players leading each team there would be no issue with a squad of players playing together being able to destroy other teams due to lack of experience and skill.
  10. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    No i fully plan on participating but i was just curious on why it was not csgo since it looked like a better fit or not draft pick for a better experience.
  11. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Yeah but if you play it and know the maps and know what to peek to get that cheeky first pick etc, and if you also play a lot to buy a good gun then your better off than most people.
  12. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    You should be saying that to the people that will be entering the tournament to premade groups of people who have played the game before and will absolutely destroy them making it a horrible experience for those players. Why not make it draft pick then @Cole BellicYou have to admit it would be a better experience and more fair and just make the team captains all people who have the most experience/hours
  13. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    No but if you remember the last tournament was a draft pick so nobody came in with a premade team of people who are gods at the game, which looks like how it would work in this tournament.
  14. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Did i say that it was a perfect event? no i just said it was fair, i am just pointing that this is a unfair event and it just looks very one sided to a people who have played the game before. What i am going to leave the discussion on is that this is a unfair tournament in a game that does not have the publicity that csgo does meaning that only a couple of people in this community have played it, and it just seems like it will be unfair to the majority of players who will download the game just for the tournament but have not invested the hours you guys have. But if you want to talk badly about the last csgo tournament the reason it ended the way it did was due to a player on my csgo team that decided to troll and leave in the final match. I would not be calling this unfair if it was a draft pick, but it just looks unfair due to already picked teams of people who have already invested time into this game making it unfair to the people that want to play but dont since they have not invested the time these players have. it will be purely one sided to a group of players.
  15. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    I understand that, but i want to play events that are fair to everyone, csgo was because we had a draft pick but most of the people who went new how to the play the game so you had a mix of players who were good and bad in each team. This is just unfair to people who want to play in this event but have never played the game, it just looks like this is oriented to groups of players who habe played the game since it came out. Events are supposed to be fun, but this would not be fun if its already clear who would win based on if they have played the game or not.