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  1. Kaleb_hinkle1

    Name of Player Banned: kaleb_hinkle1Game / Server: GTA Reason for Ban/Kick: spamming, advertisingLength of Ban: perm More Info:
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, The GTA Leadership team had a good meeting tonight and went over many different topics. Below I will address many different points and explain clearly what we will be following and enforcing moving forward: Leadership Team: Police Whitelisting: Lonewolf V. Putin Stickytubesock RisingRonin EMS Whitelisting: Portal2themoon Administration: Matthew Development Daffy Chow Overall GTA Leadership RGN Leadership Administration - Moving forward, the administration team on GTA will be cracking down on little to no RP gameplay. This means if you are only used to running and gunning, revving your engines to lure cops, or overall just promote troll gameplay, you will be kicked then banned from our server. We are a Roleplay server and we are going to start kicking those who are not here for roleplay. RGN members are not exempted from punishment at all, the poor roleplay that we as a leadership team have been observing has largely been from our own RGN members or RGN regulars who frequented Altis Life when it was alive. This observation right here is embarrassing for many of us, and moving forward this will not be occurring any more. Vision moving forward - This will be a short statement of what we, as a leadership team, want to see. When you login to our server, please RP with other players around you and do not just go and immediately grind drugs and buy all the new cars and houses and never interact with anyone. We are not trying to restrict your gameplay, we are simply asking you all to interact with each other and help encourage those new players who join to contribute to the RP. We want this server to have great RP moments and for people to have fun playing with each other, and that starts with all of you. If you have any questions about our vision for this server moving forward, feel free to reach out to anyone in leadership above. ~GTA Leadership team
  3. GTA RP RULES [9/28/17]

    10/8/17 Roleplay Identities You are NOT allowed to roleplay as another player's identity. This means if someone already has an established roleplay identity on the server, you are not allowed to copy that and roleplay as it.
  4. Introduction

    I've interacted with you a few times in GTA, had some good moments so far. Welcome!
  5. Introduction

    Great to see some more friends from across the pond, welcome!
  6. Hello!

    Glad to see you on the forums! I've had a good time RP'ing with you these past couple of days, looking forward to seeing you around!
  7. September Donators

    Thanks everyone for your continued support!
  8. Bittersweet Thank You

    Good luck with it all
  9. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats everyone, don't let the RGN name down!
  10. American only server?

    While I'm not in the gta leadership group, I agree that it would help our population if start attracting more EU players. Only problem is our EU playerbase is pretty non-existant and there are very few to no EU RGN members. If we can get the right people to support the EU side of the house, with the backing of the GTA leadership, than I think it would help our server a lot with a constant population during all hours
  11. Thinking about this I completely agree with you on this TS issue, ideally everything would be in game and wouldn't have to worry about any outside comms. However as others in this thread have stated, if we remove TS channels than they will just flock to other channels or discord. Question is how do we regulate that. Right now I can't think of a good answer
  12. Defilers MC San Andreas

    You better watch that Vinny guy, I hear he is known to cause trouble
  13. Happy birthday Austin!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the community, I'm anxious to see our GTA 5 RP Server up and running!