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  1. If you play black desert online this post is for you, so please read! If you don't play then why not? Me and a couple friends recently started playing and im looking to expanding the guild we have. If you play the game and aren't dedicated to a certain guild we would love to have you! We dont have any specific goals as a guild yet. just expansion and having fun playing the game. if youre a veteran playerr wed certainly love to have you for some insight to the game and what direction we could possibly be taking the guild! If youre interested leave a comment explaining why and what you could bring to the guild, and i will contact you with the guilds discord info. thanks for reading! have a good day.
  2. if yall ever want to play bdo with me, matthew, and one other wed be happy to have you guys join us.
  3. lol i was in that game for the overwatch clip. we just barely won that round
  4. a quick video i threw together over a couple games of me playing my best. Post your highlight videos to any game in the comments, id love to see them hope you enjoy.
  5. new cover photo on my profile, check it out and tell me what you think!

    1. Bluey


      very cool man I sure do like it. 



  6. Did you use to know a kid named insertnamehere?
  7. yo check this a companion cube and a portal both share a b-day. HAPPY BDAY DUDE!

    1. Gandhi


      Fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  8. SAAAAHHHHH DUUUUUDES! Thanks a lot you guys, love all of you! hoping for another great year with all of you
  9. the release is on my birthday! best gift i can think of @@Bacon, looking forward to it!
  10. "I live life like my blood type, B-Positive"

    1. Ryan


      That was the worst pun I have ever heard.

      I still laughed...

    2. ASAP Baxter!
  11. how it really was way back during WW5 in the year 1420
  12. Who else thinks my profile background really, like, works?

    1. MolagTheMighty™


      it needs more cow bell. . . .

  13. So Recently I have been searching for a car for myself. I'm looking into more of a sport coupe kind of car, been really looking for a Hyundai Genesis. So my question for all of you guys is... What do you drive? I want full details; make, model, year, hp. Pretty much anything you can think of to show off what it is you ride around in or on (motorcycles are included).
  14. well i might as well contribute. What I am planning on getting is a 2010 Hyundai Genisis Coupe. this beauty has around 250 HP. Gets 21 city, 31 high ways. It's a 2.0 L, 4 cylinder with manual or automatic 6 speed transmission The body kit i would love to get for it... here Wheels i would like to get for it... here I saw the 2016 model of this car on the lot and fell in love with it. well i dont have 30K to shell out into a new car so I'm looking for a used one and this is what i found.
  15. when you decide to quit posting because you take over half of the recents

    1. David


      been there done that

  16. Topic Title: ARMA3 Review By: Portal2TheMoon ARMA3 Release Date: September 12th, 2013 Review Play Period: 2000 hours total Platform Played: PC MASTER RACE Overall: 7/10 ​Graphics: poop/10 Gameplay: 6/10 Reputability: 10/10 Hype Factor: Yes Review/ Summery Here is a game that I am absolutely positive we all know and love/hate. Arma3 is the type of game that you hear about from a friend and think it sounds cool so you go check it out. Well when you look at it it looks pretty cool so you decide to buy it. It's okay at first, The campaign sucks but the multiplayer is really fu-.... shit you just got sniped from two kilometers out... again. Oh well. You meet back up with your friends and you guys get to playing, you play for hours, then days, weeks, and before you know it you break 1000 hours playtime and realize you wasted your life. Well in the process of playing this game you discover there is more to it then sniping and spamming a tiny island with mortars just to get kills. There are other modes you can play like Life, Mil-Sims, KOTH... etc.! You end up meeting people and before you know it you're pulled into a gaming community that is brand new and already one of the largest on the Net. You meet people and make friends, you make friends that are also your enemies too but thats okay because it is just a game anyways and there's no point in making a big deal over anything. Oh shit! there's a hacker on the server what do we do? eh, ban him and keep playing. At the end of it all there is almost an endless possibility of things to do within this game and countless people to meet and shoot in the face. A great game to play and waste money and time on IGN 10/10 -Portal2theMoon
  17. Topic Title: DOOM Review By: Portal2TheMoon DOOM Release Date: May 13, 2016 Review Play Period: 15 hours Platform Played: XBox One Overall: 7/10 ​Graphics: 9/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Reputability: 7/10 Hype Factor: YES Review/ Summery So I will try to keep this short and sweet for you guys. I've been playing DOOM in my free time for the past few days and I am so in love with it! Never before have I ever played a game as blood soaked and gruesome as this, a close second is Bulletstorm from 2011 but that's not the game I'm reviewing. I'll try to stay away from personal opinions here and just give a down and dirty for this. In my time playing this game that was wonderfully crafted and well thought about by ID Software, and then published by BETHESDA, a company I'm sure we all have at least heard about, I have noticed a few tings that make this game stand apart from the rest of the average first person shooter. I'll split it up a bit so it's a bit easier to read and understand. Graphics: The graphics of this game are pretty second to none given all this "next gen" talk. Just sitting in the main menu and looking at the backdrop and all that that is going on I was amazed. Then you get in game and get to see all the wonderful attention to detail put in to each and every corner of this game. Guts hang from the ceiling just right, that mutilated body in the corner is slumped over just right. As well the lighting is so wonderfully balanced and sets a great atmosphere, I have yet to e in an area where the amount of light hinders my ability to play. As well all the things that you notice frequently throughout the game like weapon textures are so wonderful and shiny, I have noticed a few times where it was a bit blurry and took a bit to render but that's just hardware side issues. This game is VERY graphics/GPU/CPU intense, not for the light of wallet. OVERVIEW: DOOMs graphics are wonderful. Game play: The movement in this game is some of the smoothest I have seen in a while. Like for real it's like DOOM Guy has some Dr. Scholes Massaging Gel Insoles or something. The look sensitivity as it sits is just perfect, at least for me, I rarely find myself missing a shot due to over looking the target. Going back to movement, the environment is so perfectly catered to the style of game DOOM is. In DOOM you want to keep moving around the battle field and keep fighting as you do, you DO NOT want to take cover and pick off targets. That said DOOMs maps/levels are perfectly made so that you can keep that momentum flowing and keep yourself moving. Sound track: The music in this game is a mix between like hardcore metal, rock, and dubstep, and it does it so perfectly. during battle the music will kick in so naturally you might not even notice it but you will hear it and it will make the whole thing so much better then it already was. 10/10 for music. Menu navigation: really simple and clean menu interface, really quick to learn and understand. It is separate from the pause menu which I like, to me makes it feel more in game, sense it is, the pause menu is reserved for quitting, reloading (quitting), or going afk (quitting temporarily). But the menu I'm talking about involves all of your upgrade menus for weapons and character, as well as your 3D map that you will use to navigate the multiple levels of a map and find secrets. that is my review for DOOM 2016 edition. All in all a wonderfully crafted game and a wonderful tribute to the series as well as a great reboot, and hopefully a step in a new direction for FPS games. thanks for reading guys!
  18. All that purple really ties into your feminine side. good job!
  19. Sounds like a great idea to me Hoff! But I'm wondering about getting promoted, I didn't see anything on how one would move from the lower ranks like recruit to community, then community to vet. I saw that to become senior it takes recommendation but that was about it. So I'm wondering how promotions and what not will work for those of lower rank. will it be invite only, or will it be putting in a support ticket?
  20. So for those of you who may be wondering where I have been, I got DOOM on XBone because my pc cant handle it. but ill be back... someday

    1. AlboGravity


      I heard that game is shitty. Should I buy it?

  21. idk if its all the pollen, or if im actually sick

  22. Today I'd like us all to talk about a topic I know we all hold near and dear. Video games Lets discuss a few things with this topic what you believe is the best game out currently. so like best recent release. what was the first game you played . what gaming is to you and why you do it. I of course, will start us off. ​Recently it seems to me not a whole lot of noteworthy games have been released on the market that didn't involve either guns, or... well yeah guns. There have been a few games I've noticed like one called Stardew Valley it's a pretty simple game where you play a farmer, I've been enjoying it. Away from my personal opinion I believe the best game of this past season (2015) was Fallout 4. Between all the top sellers like Rocket league, Ark, and many others, this one seems to be the most backed in positive opinions. As far back as i can remember the first game i ever played, and kept playing over and over was... and i cant remember the exact name but it had to do with Spongebob Squarepants. I would play this constantly on my Nintendo Gameboy. That was my first memorable game and what I believe got me into all this. Gaming to me is... A chance to live another life. Simply put. You turn on whatever machine and boot up whatever game or insert whatever disc or cartridge and within minutes you can be one of so many things. A world class athlete, a solider doing his duty, some poor soul being hunted by a monster, a guy trying to live off the land and build a home for himself, and just so many others. It's truly a wonderful experience and we are so lucky to get to experience it everyday. thats what gaming is to me.
  23. Just a reminder: all active RSF/JTFR need to sign the roll call post tat has been made.

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