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    Well i obviously have a huge passion for gaming that started very young when i got my first gameboy. Aside from that my other passoin would have to be helping others and doing my part in my community, that is why i take my time and volunteer as a firefighter in the town i grew up in. also memes, and cute animals

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  1. lol i was in that game for the overwatch clip. we just barely won that round
  2. a quick video i threw together over a couple games of me playing my best. Post your highlight videos to any game in the comments, id love to see them hope you enjoy.
  3. new cover photo on my profile, check it out and tell me what you think!

    1. Bluey


      very cool man I sure do like it. 



  4. Did you use to know a kid named insertnamehere?
  5. yo check this a companion cube and a portal both share a b-day. HAPPY BDAY DUDE!

    1. Gandhi


      Fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  6. SAAAAHHHHH DUUUUUDES! Thanks a lot you guys, love all of you! hoping for another great year with all of you
  7. the release is on my birthday! best gift i can think of @@Bacon, looking forward to it!
  8. "I live life like my blood type, B-Positive"

    1. Ryan


      That was the worst pun I have ever heard.

      I still laughed...

    2. ASAP Baxter!
  9. how it really was way back during WW5 in the year 1420
  10. Who else thinks my profile background really, like, works?

    1. MolagTheMighty™


      it needs more cow bell. . . .

  11. well i might as well contribute. What I am planning on getting is a 2010 Hyundai Genisis Coupe. this beauty has around 250 HP. Gets 21 city, 31 high ways. It's a 2.0 L, 4 cylinder with manual or automatic 6 speed transmission The body kit i would love to get for it... here Wheels i would like to get for it... here I saw the 2016 model of this car on the lot and fell in love with it. well i dont have 30K to shell out into a new car so I'm looking for a used one and this is what i found.
  12. when you decide to quit posting because you take over half of the recents

    1. David


      been there done that

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