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  1. lol i was in that game for the overwatch clip. we just barely won that round
  2. LS Fire & EMS Rules [10/11/17]

    Emergency Medical Services Protocols All Content and materials are subject to change. 1. Introduction The purpose of this document is to make clear the procedures and protocols of the Emergency Medical Services. This is an all-inclusive document, with both rules and resources for the EMS Team. 2. Table of Contents 3. Resources 3.1. EMS Application Process 4. Important Medical Terms and Illustrations 5. Rules 6. Code of Conduct 3. Resources For all general server questions, please contact one of the server administrators. For EMS specific questions, please contact Captain Michael Key or Doctor Wilmes. [RGN] Chow [RGN] Daffy [RGN] Matthew Chief Portal2TheMoon 3.1 EMS Application Process To apply for a position in the EMS Department, please fill out a copy of the EMS Application found here. Submit this document and wait to hear back from one of the officers. There are currently many types of positions and responsibilities available in the Fire & EMS departments. Advancements will come when your officers believe you are ready. You are eligible for rank advancement once full understanding of your current rank is achieved. You may apply, or be asked to advance to the next rank. Trainee: Currently there are 15 positions [EMS-T]: Must recieve approval from a Sr. Paramedic or higher to receive a promotion. EMT: There are 18 positions available in this rank [EMT]: Entry level EMT, still learning the ropes but is trusted to operate solo. Paramedic/Sr.: Currently 30 positions across these two ranks [EMS-P]/[EMS-Sr]: Veteran EMT, leads by example, expected to teach those below them so they are ready for their promotion. LT.-Ast. Chief: There are currently 18 positions between these 4 ranks) [EMS-LT]/[EMS-C]/[EMS-Sec]/[EMS-AC]: Highest levels EMT, responsible for all EMS activates and personnel. Chief: One position currently held by @Portal2TheMoon [CHIEF]: Responsible for all activities within the Fire and EMS divisions *FOR THOSE THAT BECOME FIRE IN RANK EMS WILL BE REPLACED BY FD 4. Important Medical Terms and Illustrations All EMS should have some form of medical illustrations and definitions open during role play. This comes down to player discretion as to what you need to create an accurate role play. I would recommend having (a) resource(s) open to assist you with muscle groups, artery names and locations, skeletal structure and names, along with common terms used in emergency medical treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, contact CHIEF Portal2TheMoon. 5. Rules EMS Golden Rule: EMT’s are always a neutral party, and therefore may not act in a biased manner. Your life is always more important than the lives of those who you may try and help. EMT’s must not participate in any illegal activity. EMT’s must uphold the highest standard of honesty. EMT’s are responsible to report all crimes to the appropriate authorities. EMT’s will not harm or kill any other players. EMT’s may not use police or civilian vehicles. EMT’s may not carry weapons of any kind. Helicopters will not be used without Captain or Doctor approval. Officers must designate landing sites to pick up injured persons. Helicopters must land at designated landing sites when returning to the hospital. EMT’s must remain active to occupy an EMS position. EMS is subject to the will and authority of the police department. 6. Code of Conduct The EMS are to be held to the highest standard of honesty, respect, fair treatment, and accurate roleplay. EMT’s play a critical role in the role play process, which leaves the responsibility on all EMT’s to constantly give the impression of consistency. When on duty, the EMT not only represent themselves, but the department as a whole, and should act accordingly.
  3. GTA 5 RP Fire & EMS Application

    Apply here applications are currently open
  4. ems LS Fire & EMS Roster

    We currently have the best well fitted staff possible full of people who are here to help. CHIEF @Portal2TheMoon Senior Paramedic @Soldier Paramedic @Icyblaade @John Falcon EMT @mjm822 Trainee @Mitchell Vannoy @Captain Howdy @santa @Miked @Kam
  5. SOG's [10/8/2017]

    updated [10/11/17] please reference uniforms and training.
  6. EMS Captain Resignation

    Thank you @Michael Key for everythiing youve done for the server. I will make sure the ems are in good hands and thrive under my supervision. i promise to do my best as leader and see that the EMS and fire sides grow into amazing rp based divisions.
  7. SOG's [10/8/2017]

    I expect everyone to read this and understand it. If you dont it may effect your ability to do the best you can and exceed as a medic on our server FIND IT HERE
  8. LosSantos Fire & EMS

    So really since the server started i have been thinking about getting a fire department established in game that would run hand in hand with medic units. I would like to get everyones personal opinions on this and how you think it could add to the server or potentially damage it. As some of you may know IRL i am a firefighter for my town, if you look me up on Team speak my profile picture is actually my shifts patch, so i know a good bit about how how to run this and what the duties of firemen are. I of course would be the head of the program, the chief or captain. So basically the duties of the fire department would be to respond to all car fires, horrible wrecks/rollovers/entrapment, and all medical calls. most of these will of course be a fire and ems response due to the fact that there is always the potential for injury. So say your an officer in a high speed chase with some dude all hopped up on mountain dew and pop rocks. well he misjudges a turn and hits something causing his car to flip and thus he becomes trapped inside, your duty then is to start fire and medic. The fire department would roll up and pry the man out of the car with the big tools and medic would then evaluate him and fix any injuries. Now for the same scenario except this time the car catches fire, call the fire department to come get it out and get the man out of the vehicle efore he ends up looking like grandmas turkey from last thanksgiving. So to conclude. The fire department is just another aspect of the server to add to RP. I know for those of you that see me on medic all the time I'm always in the LSFD ambulance and RPing as such. so the logistics are already ingame for the fire department its just forum side stuff that will need to be set up so the fire department can be set in stone. Thank you for your opinions. I would also like to know who would be interested in joining should a fire department be established.
  9. To run or not to run from the police discussion

    dont run, engage in Rp, not in a firefight.
  10. overwatch Overwatch Highlights

    a quick video i threw together over a couple games of me playing my best. Post your highlight videos to any game in the comments, id love to see them hope you enjoy.
  11. invalid Whitlist for cop

  12. Relaxed Initiation Rules

    because its dumb "I think we should add "roleplay over ruleplay" somewhere in the rules as well. That way, it would still be punishable to put one unit of pot in your car just so you have an excuse to shoot every cop that pulls you over after you drive on the wrong side of the road at 200 km/hr, and it might be excusable to fire angry hipshots at an officer's car after you get out of jail and threatened him while being processed." RDM?
  13. Relaxed Initiation Rules

    this is literally the dumbest thing i have ever read
  14. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: june 3 2017 @2005 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: [BW] Chase Ace Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: camping in hq waiting for me to get there with his buddy, opened fire without a word to kill me. Sgt Wyatt was only a shield because i panicked and that was just how i reacted, a few moments earlier he was asking for exicution so he could attend the ems meeting though, but that is my bad, i talked to him he said it was okay.