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  1. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    i like July cause i get reminded of Julius Cesar from Asterix & Obelix
  2. I am stuck to the loading screen when i attempt to join,is the dev branch required?
  3. Make money hard to come by,but with many farming activities.A starting amount should be 10K.Enough to purchase your license,car and clothing.Also add a More Dynamic marketing system which changes rapidly with each run to prevent people doing over and over the same.A Paycheck should only give you 350 dollars.Finally make a good income for Legal activities such as mining oil of a rig or getting rare and precious stones like rubies or sapphires.
  4. Oil possibility.

    Much too mainstream
  5. I say that we should make the highest caliber 5.56 and as above stated, some mission to get you 6.5.For cops i believe that LT's only should receive 6.5. I have no problem with a SPAR-16 or TRG-21.These guns are awesome btw.
  6. Altis Life Hatchback Sport Racing Event!

    @SomeoneYouLike When i try to convert this to mytimezone it says it is EDT(eastern daylight time) is it the same?
  7. when you play the game of rule breaks,you get banned or kicked
  8. Cops vs. EMS event?

    maybe the medic and RPD force are put in an arena with 4 concrete walls and both are armed with 1 rook each with 16 rounds in it and the point is that the winning force is the one with more members standing
  9. MK1-EMR?

    But they only have 20 bullets in them and the devs could add a semi firing script.Anyway the MXM will do fine
  10. MK1-EMR?

    I remember @Ronduth saying that MK1s will be added for rebels but can we get a confirmation on it?
  11. ^∞^ Snuggle Piglets [Limited]

    roster? im 15 btw am i allowed?
  12. Skinning Knifes

    never heard of a dude with no brain though
  13. Prison Breakout

    Maybe add some of these green walls and green towers basically make a wall complex around the prison and then the dome.You should pass the bar gate first though if you intend to break someone out.
  14. army-ranger-33AG

    wheres ur evidence @Lchapman079
  15. Bounty Hunters

    maybe a PMC Organization which gets access to rebel gear and helps police?