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  1. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    i like July cause i get reminded of Julius Cesar from Asterix & Obelix
  2. I am stuck to the loading screen when i attempt to join,is the dev branch required?
  3. Cops vs. EMS event?

    maybe the medic and RPD force are put in an arena with 4 concrete walls and both are armed with 1 rook each with 16 rounds in it and the point is that the winning force is the one with more members standing
  4. Weed Rooking

    ALL the files are being pasted from the server's own so i can not have changed a file or something similar.I have my sensitivity high on my mouse that's all i have tuned and i think it's allowed?(please say)
  5. Weed Rooking

    @Nick Olodean Virtual Arsenal
  6. Weed Rooking

    i will also do it on VA it could take a while to get uploaded though
  7. Weed Rooking

    i unfortunately cannot do this but in maybe 3 hours i can show you P.S Why you take it so seriously(have you not seen a Clint Eastwood arma player before?xD)
  8. Weed Rooking

    guys i did not wanted to give you that impression im just a good shooter with the Rook and i spam the left mouse button.As for the RDM they had previously shot me in my truck did not succeeded though i wouldn't had uploaded to show you my hacks and if you want i can prove you that in game i did enter the menu for MY SHADOW PLAY to record.
  9. Weed Rooking

    Some guys with PDWs shoot me.Too bad i chopped their offroad and killed them also https://youtu.be/XUL8ZBLSPEY