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  1. No im not a teacher xD. Im going for my EMT certification.
  2. Thank you @John Falcon @zoom @MoneyB . Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I've been extremely busy and I am starting an EMS class so I will continue to be busy. But Im gonna try to re-get involved in the community.
  3. We need to talk <3 

  4. I realize ive been gone and kinda cut all communication for a while. But ive been extremely busy and should becoming back in hopefully a months tops.

    1. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      Cool hope to see you again connor, miss ya <3 

    2. InfernalRage


      We're still here. Destiny 2 :Kreygasm:

  5. I will probably use that towards buying PubG. Good luck everyone
  6. wow... Someone ate your cake! How Rude! Happy B-Day
  7. Happy Birthday to you! You live in a shoe! You smell like a monkey! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday guys!
  8. welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Welcome, all Recruits and congrats to everyone else!
  10. Rotten to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. @Burka I am trying to get into coding for ArmA. I can try to help as it can be a learning experience. I was started messing around with exile a few days ago. I know you are probably looking for experienced people, but I can try my best to help if you would like.

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