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  1. Picatinny Arsenal Pumpkin Chunkin

    Same, cant view.
  2. FACT

  3. Donation - Ms Tough Stuff - 25.0!

    Thanks for the support!
  4. Donation - MiAtCh - 50.0!

    Hats off to you bud!
  5. Preacher...it's not about the AI spawning them those cars just have no business being on the server at all
  6. There is no skill in outrunning people in a faster vehicle. You already have the clear advantage with zero skill input.
  7. Then your opinion about the matter is a bit obsolete if your "RP" character is confined to avoiding police to begin with.
  8. "4. While I do my best to avoid contact with the police, the situations I have come across talking to them they just seem unfriendly and seem to have a pretty big chip on the their shoulder. If someone is gonna act like that to me, not gonna stop anymore, probably just gonna run." This doesnt look like it has anything to do with what you are supposedly RPing as.
  9. They run to avoid the RP duh. 4. While I do my best to avoid contact with the police
  10. Prison

    Seems low considering some popular servers have 8 hour sentences for being a real bad boy.
  11. Police computer

    Similar to http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11453-lspdfr-computer/ where you would have to be in your patrol car / motorcycle and you can either search by name or by plate number and it would spit out various information such as warrants, DOB, license information, etc etc
  12. Police callouts

    Callouts for police when there is nothing happening or when there are only police on to show population on the server. Would be similar to what http://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr/ offers in their base game when random "dispatches" get sent to the police where AI are doing random things, speeding, leud conduct, robbery, assault, etc etc.
  13. Donation - Paronity - 10.0!

    Aww chet!
  14. Yo

    Welcome to the forums man glad you found us. Just started getting back into pubg again myself, maybe we can squad up sometime.