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  1. Goodbye RGN!

    welcome to the forums!
  2. What is everyone playing

    Total war, lots of total war and rising storm: vietnam.
  3. completed Smash-Ban dispute

    Unbanned i think. Your name wasnt in the ban list so i just went off the reason you said you were banned for.
  4. Bob Hoss

    User Banned: Bob Hoss Server(s): Reckless Network Websites Banned By: RisingRonin Ban Length: Permanent
  5. Sauce daddy

    User Banned: sauce daddyServer(s): websiteBan Reason: trollingBan Length: permEvidence:
  6. Squad

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ We do have the files to actually host a squad server which we had up at one point when the game had first been released. Since then the game has developed a lot with the addition of more infantry weapons, IEDs, mortars, vehicles, maps, etc etc. I'd like to gather up some interest here and see if we can get an event going for it. Private or public server would work depending on how many RGN folks we get. If you've been looking at possibly buying this game now would be the time as it is on sale till the 1st.
  7. Picatinny Arsenal Pumpkin Chunkin

    Same, cant view.
  8. FACT

  9. Donation - Ms Tough Stuff - 25.0!

    Thanks for the support!
  10. Donation - MiAtCh - 50.0!

    Hats off to you bud!
  11. Donation - Paronity - 10.0!

    Aww chet!
  12. Yo

    Welcome to the forums man glad you found us. Just started getting back into pubg again myself, maybe we can squad up sometime.
  13. What're you playing tonight?

    Starcraft 2, DCS world, R6Siege
  14. Hope to be back :(

    Right behind ya.