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  1. Isn't there already an altis life server up, hosted by someone else?
  2. Anybody got an idea for a server that the wonderful RGN community can enjoy together!? I had some idea but i'm curious if i'm on the same wave length as some other peeps!
  3. I suppose i can re download it for the 20th time
  4. I tried playing fortnite but i just cant get into and it's not like i just played half a match or something and got stomped. Might have played around 20 games just to see if i could hold an interest but ended up uninstalling. =(
  5. who are you? who is ronduth? what is gewchie?
  6. No. You can try Renegade or Templar as they have made their own Altis life servers.
  7. welcome all hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. welcome to the forums bud! dont forget to say hi in our discord!

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