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  1. TS Ban Dispute

    should be unbanned.
  2. Banned from teamspeak for no reason?

    Planned to had you not logged off when you did, the amount of trolls our TS deals with on a daily basis is pretty ridiculous which led me to believe you are one of them. Do me a favor and think about the handle you use in our TS before you actually use it. Ban lifted.
  3. Banned from teamspeak for no reason?

    "Albino Rapist" No reason?
  4. Tell me a joke

    Q: Why can't a blonde dial 911? A: She can't find the eleven.
  5. Brisingr34 Ban Appeal

  6. Texting as initiation?

    I honestly just see a lot of scenarios that you've put yourself in. This close mindedness of thinking that something you arent used to isnt going to work is what makes "revamps" into the same bullshit we've been dealing with for years now. I'd be a shame if someone had to be right next to you someone to initiate anything rather than being across the map and sending someone a bullshit message "this is blah blah blah gang if you are following/around/near my people you will be engaged". That right there should be a 24hr ban on the spot. Why does everything have to be hostile anyway? Specifically against cops. Try some of the stuff people do here but on other "Serious RP servers" and you will get the boot pretty fucking quick.
  7. Texting as initiation?

    Unless you bring real RP to the server (expensive guns, cops having sidearms only equiped w/bigger stuff in car, requiring to talk to people, etc etc) the server is going to end up in the same bullshit deathmatch mode that malden turned into. You cant make small rp changes and expect the whole population to follow. 24hr bans for legit fail rp need to be a thing and the server should be moderated like a modded life server.
  8. Texting as initiation?

    Doesn't make it right in game.
  9. Texting as initiation?

    Downside of flying then i suppose. I don't think i've seen a gang in the states use a helicopter to rob people.
  10. Texting as initiation?

    You don't have every bodies phone number there isn't a yellow pages for that, fail RP.
  11. Donation - MiAtCh - 60.0!

    Thanks for the support!
  12. Holiday!

    Damn orlando huh? Disney world? Don't bother with animal kingdom it's kind of a let down.
  13. Albion Online

    Been playing for a while now off and on, only because they reset after the major updates. But definitely plan on making a guild for RGN in that game on launch.
  14. Exile Mod Recommendations

    zombies and demons (pve when no one else is on to fuck with)
  15. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!