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  1. @Eagles , @Stickytubesock, and myself are currently dedicated to the new AAA title game called "atlas". We think it's the greatest game ever and we have no time for any other game. Sorry. Ps. BDO is pretty cool.
  2. Doing better than ever! Maybe come hang out in discord and play some ARK, Siege, or Tarkov with some people.
  3. Sot is sea of thieves, fallout is a great series, battlefield 5 i duno yet cause its not out but ill have it because of the origin access thing and battlefront is star wars battlefield.
  4. SoT, Fallout 76, Battlefield 5, Battlefront 2. Take your pick there guy.
  5. RisingRonin


    Yea looks like its going to be a wait for me too. The concept looks cool but the gameplay ive looked at looks a bit off in terms of fighting.
  6. RisingRonin


    This on steam or a SA website?
  7. I hear there's another community running a highly successful server. You should try it out!
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Oh snap look at this guy coming out of left field!

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