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  1. .

    Hi jacobjones!
  2. Yes, i'm currently slowly inviting a set amount of people at a time (dependent on their RPD play time) to attend our evaluation.
  3. Lol
  4. If we did i think the optimal route would be to have that map only and not 2 servers. One being altis and the other being malden. But the economy could be xfered over so no one has to go through the bullshitery of starting over again.
  5. Steam, youtube, and co-workers.
  6. At one point I looked into the deving aspect of gta rp servers while also joining a few discords of several gta rp communities. 4/7 discords that I have joined have already announced they are shutting down after being dealt cease paperwork. I don't know the exact basis of it but it seems like Rockstar or whoever is actively finding ways to stop these servers, as they have been since their conception, but like I said I don't know if these specific communities were doing something they weren't supposed to or not.
  7. Technically as it is right now you can see who is swat but you have to be physically looking at them in game. The apex gend french clothing is locked to swat only. And i'd rather not have a swat tag as a warning to civilians.
  8. I see that as a targeting factor when we are on normal patrol. Is there a reason for letting civs know who's currently swat and online?
  9. Suuuuuuure
  10. The mos is most definitely a 5x scope use the arsenal and see for yourself. You know what's pathetic about these threads is the bullshit hypothetical things that people say, yet if a 762 went to rebel no one would bat an eye. And I also love the fact that more than a few of you who are bitching about the unit have also submitted applications. Guarantee non of you have even encountered any of the new shit that was added to the shops because there is literally only two people with access to them and I haven't been on the server all day. If you feel so strongly about something that has been added to the server but has yet to be utilized in any way shape or form then you are free to stop playing.
  11. I prefer the kahilla as well but it is a 11x scope where as the mos (formally sos) is a 5x scope.
  12. This is not up for discussion in any way, shape, or form. If you applied for the SWAT unit and you are accepted you will be required to put the majority of your time in RPD period. If you applied with the intention to hold the slot to see what it is about and then not play RPD anymore you WILL be removed from that white listing position. Our first round of evaluations will be done next week. If you are curious where you lie in the list of applicants here is the straight up answer: Players that have put more time into RPD will be prioritized over the rest. We want to reward those that play RPD over those that do not. If this is inconvenient for you i suggest figuring out what you want to do. Play RPD or play civ/rebel.
  13. They are all the same caliber they all use the same ammunition there are VERY FEW difference between all of them such as weight, accuracy, impact, etc etc. In the end it will be personal preference for whoever uses them. Don't believe me, your game comes with a VR arsenal. Go check out the stats.
  14. You underestimate me, truly. There is not even a roster for it. I would suggest waiting more than 2 weeks before you instantly think that things are going to be unbalance. Because with an iron fist of regulations things can be very fair.

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