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  1. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome my friends, and congratz on the promo guyzz
  2. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    July is a great Month for me, No School, my Birthday is on the 3rd, so I get fireworks for my birthday and enjoy acouple of brewski's with the homies Upstate New york
  3. Thanks Neil for supporting the community, enjoy the Donator Perks
  4. Donation - Preacher - 0.02!

    We Appreciate the support Man, Every Cent counts!
  5. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    Honestly, some of the best moments and times were in Altis, version 2.21, i think that is when we reached 60-120 players pretty much every night. It had the best UI, simplicity, and great structure to it, although i do recall plenty of server crashes, but regardless people waited eagerly for the server to come back up, and surely it filled up within minutes. Thats what i would like to see again.
  6. Can we "try" white-list?

    I think if we had a Whitelisted only server, it should be modded with lakeside, cars, guns ect... that way people will feel compelled to get whitelisted and play, kind of like Critical gaming, but ours would be more Reckless
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks guys,
  8. Now heres the thing, i knew the owner of the car was a "Wanted FUGITIVE" by running the plates, so yes i took precausions by angling my car, getting my weapon ready, and calling for additionals. When you got out the car with guns pointed at me i waited for the right opportunity and took you both down, i felt confident due to the fact you both had rooks, seemed very nervous and jittery with your commands, while i had a full auto sub machinegun, body armour and the Soul of a lion. what do you think this is my first day on the job @Roz?
  9. Mav's intro

  10. just want to say good bye

  11. MOB scuba steve combat log

    Thanks for putting in a player report. An available admin will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT: Poke admins on Teamspeak Private message admins Post in this thread unless you are directly involved with this incident. Please make sure you have a detailed video with at least a few minutes prior to indecent as well as some time after, or clear cut screenshots in rare cases.
  12. Spiegel Introduction

    wassup bro, welcome to the Forums, Enjoy your stay
  13. Clown Kush

    Hell my fellow Reckless Patrons today i would like to share a little something with yall. So my brother has been working on this movie for the past 5 years now and after tirelessly working day and night to get it released, it is finally out on youtube! I thought i'd share it with you guys. Here is the Extended Movie Trailer, (Sums up the whole movie in 5 mins) if you enjoyed you can watch it in its entirety on Dont forget to subscribe and let me know what you think of it.
  14. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: April 8, 2017 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: [W.R.F] NineNiple Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: (Eg: Screenshots, video recording) yes Screen shot #1 Screen shot #2 Describe the offense: i was in the middle of a traffic stop when this indivual came up to me and started yelling and inturrupting the taffic stop, rpobably becausse his friend was being pulled over, so i told him to stop or he will be tazed, so he took off, i questioned him about it and he replied "go to active stupport 1" and just kept repeating that, finally he Combat Logged.