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  1. sure was a hell of a lot of fun i will say that, as for my opnion, sure i would love for it to come back, as the other altis servers just do not feel right, so yes if RGN did bring it back i would certainly give it a go,
  2. @RisingRonin Rising storm is fun, lemme know if u want to play sometime, til then, GO HOME GI!
  3. Welcome my friends, and congratz on the promo guyzz
  4. July is a great Month for me, No School, my Birthday is on the 3rd, so I get fireworks for my birthday and enjoy acouple of brewski's with the homies Upstate New york
  5. Thanks Neil for supporting the community, enjoy the Donator Perks
  6. We Appreciate the support Man, Every Cent counts!
  7. wassup bro, welcome to the Forums, Enjoy your stay
  8. Hell my fellow Reckless Patrons today i would like to share a little something with yall. So my brother has been working on this movie for the past 5 years now and after tirelessly working day and night to get it released, it is finally out on youtube! I thought i'd share it with you guys. Here is the Extended Movie Trailer, (Sums up the whole movie in 5 mins) if you enjoyed you can watch it in its entirety on http://www.phantomfiremedia.com/projects/clown-kush.html Dont forget to subscribe and let me know what you think of it.
  9. Great to be part of the community, Congrats to everyone and thank you
  10. i was a fan of Cod WaW, MW2, and Black ops those were my favorite,

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