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  1. Since you guys want to name this Forum Royale is this a place where every man is for himself and we can post anything salty like in here?
  2. I'm being serious about it because your shooting as fast as an auto zafir with a semi automatic pistol
  3. Then somehow prove it cause thats crazy if your clicking. I have never in my life of gaming seen someone with that fast of a trigger finger.
  4. That's modding. If I am not mistaken it is also against the rules to use 3rd party programs to help you or improve your game tremendously like that. It literally was like a full auto rook.
  5. @AAB So your trying to tell me you click that fast in the video? I didn't see what happened prior but looks like blatant RDM @TheMindDoctor @SomeoneYouLike @Deathview_games
  6. Last Encounter- Cop- "This is your final warning, pull over and stop the vehicle." Me- Holds hand break, eject, aim, fire, "highly wanted." Gets back in the car and drives off.

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