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  1. Resigning...

    Albo why does it seem you follow me around, I am Flaasky by the way. You go to MOTO then Truxton, then this? Stalker :3
  2. Since you guys want to name this Forum Royale is this a place where every man is for himself and we can post anything salty like in here?
  3. Vehicle skin ideas

    Frozen Movie Jeep, so I can play Let it go in my mic whilst driving.
  4. Getting knocked out

    You mean when I press 2, Shift G, Then Shift H at the same time so people can't see it? I usually just say the person tripped and help em up
  5. New Taxi system ?

    Yeah but the only problem is no one would pay them. Like ever.
  6. Twitch Streams
  7. ^∞^ Snuggle Piglets [Limited]

    Added to the Enemies of pC. Ready to make some bacon
  8. Cops vs. EMS event?

  9. Cops and Rebel Same Armor and Caliber

    Says the cop main...
  10. Cops and Rebel Same Armor and Caliber

    If he adds that I will shit myself
  11. What is your Favorite TV Show and/or Movie?

    @BeenJamminMon reminds me of Bubbles.
  12. RGN Exile Server?

    Been playing some of that dank Exile with @Kam and think it would be a cool thing to have an RGN Exile server. Just a suggestion, tell me what you think.
  13. Cops and Rebel Same Armor and Caliber

    I don't know about the RPD thing. We killed like 20 cops a couple days ago, stole a prowler, hunter, and ghosthawk. Good times
  14. Cops and Rebel Same Armor and Caliber

    Then let's give the cops full CSAT gear and Level 3 armor. The give the rebels the level 5 armor and the helmet and whatever else is in the cop load out and lets test it. I have test out the T5 Armor and have taken 15 9mm shots, over 5 TRG shots, and 4-5 MX Shots.