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  1. Since you guys want to name this Forum Royale is this a place where every man is for himself and we can post anything salty like in here?
  2. You mean when I press 2, Shift G, Then Shift H at the same time so people can't see it? I usually just say the person tripped and help em up
  4. Added to the Enemies of pC. Ready to make some bacon
  5. +1
  6. @BeenJamminMon reminds me of Bubbles.
  7. Been playing some of that dank Exile with @Kam and think it would be a cool thing to have an RGN Exile server. Just a suggestion, tell me what you think.
  8. Task Force?
  9. Eww

    What is wrong with roleplaying as a wizard huh?
  10. Are mods going to be included because if you want a more modern military mod I suggest using CUP Vehicles, Weapons, and uniforms. I also suggest using TFR for communication as it adds realism. TRYK uniforms are also very good looking.
  11. A few days ago I joined a Mil-Sim server in which had load-outs. When I opened the loadoutd all of my RGN Cop loadouts were on there. So I thought what if I edited the loadouts from an armory server and saved them would they transfer? Well yes indeed it did, I ended up putting Level 5 Armor in my loadouts and Special Operations Suit which is also Armor Level 4 into my load-out. I have not yet trued putting things into my backpack such as satchel charges, 5.8mm 100 round, Tripwire Mine, etc... and saving the load-out but I was told by James Shuller that if spyglass sees me with these items in my inventory they will automatically ban me. I wanted to let you guys know before others find out and abuse this (Which it could be abused ridiculously.) I can talk on team speak if you guys need a vocal explanation I can also show you this in HQ. @[email protected] @RisingRonin @TheMindDoctor @Draxt @BeenJamminMon @Deathview_games
  12. What Server were you banned from: Altis Life Who banned you: Deathview (WIthout Evidence Aswell) Why were you banned: CLogging because my timer was frozen and body sunk into the ground (Please fix) When were you banned: Today What is your in game name: pC- Nick User/Player ID: 123456789/found in arma Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: Got banned for logging after I died because my timer froze and my body sunk into the ground. He also didn't report me for it instead banned me instantly without asking or reporting it. Then tries to tell me on Teamspeak an admin can ban a person if he does an offense infront of him but he has reported players before? Evidence: All 16 screenshots that look the same are the screenshots that are for this dispute.
  13. N%^&a Gomez ([email protected]) you have been DENIED due to the lack of effort on your application. You failed to hit the minimum word count on all of the questions. You may re-apply NEVER (RACIST.)
  14. Can I join

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