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    Ever since I was little I had wanted to join the Military for a long time it was the Navy. My step dad was Navy for about 10 years and I had always loved to swim. Once it came time to take my Asvab I was unable to join the Navy due to my weight(Not because I was fat). I started to explore my option and decided I was going to follow in my grandfathers foot steps and join the army. At 18 I signed my contract and started doing my initial training. After I graduated in 2012 I left for basic in July. I made it throught BCT at Ft. Sill OK and went onto Ft Lee VA for my AIT training there I found out I had destroyed my shoulder during basic and was going to have to let it heal before I could go on. Quickly my depression and anxiety started to get the best of me and I was Honorably discharged a year later due to medical reasons. That has been 4 years ago and now I am in the works of becoming a Police Officer in my home town.
  2. Anytime. Might try to put my application in again here soon
  3. I can try in the next couple of weeks. Gotta wait until I get my next paycheck lol
  4. 1. Favorite food spaghetti 2. Favorite color is Sky Blue LONG LIVE THE INFANTRY
  5. You think it would be easy but there are actually quite a few people who are really good. I would love for a civ V tourney just to test myself
  6. Ohhhhh. I forgot about Firefly.... How could I forget about the brown coats... I can try will take me a wile. @@Jon-Erik
  7. I believe it was for the best as I now have a beautiful daughter that I probably would have never been thought of if I didn't ever go or nor would I had been able to say my goodbyes to my father before he passed. And thanks I will look at it and take a read at it. I always love a good book
  8. Alright guys so I have recently gotten back into Space engineers and I am looking to start building ships but I need idea's. If you could provide pictures and or dimension that I can break down to scale would me greatly appreciated
  9. I would do it for 200k fuck it.. but I am also crazy like that
  10. Well my dream job fell apart on me. Since I was a kid all I wanted to become was a soldier. I did that and ended up finding out that I had a prior injury that the doctors failed to find during my time at MEP's I was Honorably discharged in 2013 and I am now working to get my bachelors dagree in criminal Justice and I am becoming a correctional officer in the coming months. My end game is to hopefully one day be able to work as a secret service or as just a FBI agent. I am going back to school in the fall for not just my bachelors but also for an associates in World history as it is also something that has always intrigued me. I am unsure on who said it but to the people who think history is just old stuff and doesn't really matter. "History always repeats itself" This is why I would love to have a history minor.
  11. Well Lucas I am sorry you made this kind of decision had some good times with you. But remember you can't allow a game to rule and dictate what you are wanting to do. Glad you are sticking around and playing other games though.
  12. Shit happens man. Happy late birthday and keep drinkin you still got a whole 12 more hours haha. have fun man and remember if you don't drink yourself sober you didn't drink enough. and if you did drink yourself sober then DRINK AGAIN!
  13. Appreciate everything @@noms. Have had some really good times with you. I know how you are feeling with grandmother. I went through the same thing a year ago when my dad was dying. Its painful to see and watch someone you know who was so strong for so long slowly fall apart. I watched my dad do this for over six months before his body finally gave up on him. If you ever need to talk just poke me in ts or message me on here.

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