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  1. What is your in-game name? [TLL] Jack Fire What is your player ID?76561197982009 What is your age?25 Do you have any prior experience on any EMS team? If so, where and when? I used to be apart of Reckless EMS a couple of times I had gotten accepted right before the move to Malden but a few personal life things got in the way. I was apart of the EMS the first go around of Altis as well.
  2. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Game Giveaway

    Ever since I was little I had wanted to join the Military for a long time it was the Navy. My step dad was Navy for about 10 years and I had always loved to swim. Once it came time to take my Asvab I was unable to join the Navy due to my weight(Not because I was fat). I started to explore my option and decided I was going to follow in my grandfathers foot steps and join the army. At 18 I signed my contract and started doing my initial training. After I graduated in 2012 I left for basic in July. I made it throught BCT at Ft. Sill OK and went onto Ft Lee VA for my AIT training there I found out I had destroyed my shoulder during basic and was going to have to let it heal before I could go on. Quickly my depression and anxiety started to get the best of me and I was Honorably discharged a year later due to medical reasons. That has been 4 years ago and now I am in the works of becoming a Police Officer in my home town.
  3. The Last Legion

    Removed one person from the member list and moved Meatball to full member. Also added Jeremy to roster as probationary
  4. *[BKB]* Forming a new image

    The members of TLL will back you 100% on this and help where we can. Our alliance together I believe with create even better roleplay and a better experience for the new players and even the veterans.
  5. Good luck dom. and please remember we are on the same side. The one fire fight we had was good and fun but I would rather us not do it again and maybe help each other keep as many rebels off the streets as we can.
  6. Anytime. Might try to put my application in again here soon
  7. RGN Reckless Friday Comeback!

    I can try in the next couple of weeks. Gotta wait until I get my next paycheck lol
  8. The Last Legion

    Gang members updated
  9. Resigning

    I have done it a few times take a 6 month break of just shutting the computer down and focusing on other things. Good luck @Tristan and remember don't sweat the small things.
  10. Kavala the sh*t hole.

    @BangbusDriver don't forget to stockpile the lady boy porn
  11. The Last Legion

    Get outttaa hereeee
  12. Some great role playing

    idk what the hell happened.
  13. The Last Legion

    Im not the only one.
  14. Some great role playing

    Its on another video I can post it here soon
  15. Fake manifest.

    Well it would still put a report up but it wouldn't exactly give a name. you would pay for it at the truck mission pick-up. If you do get caught you get charged for forgery of official documents