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  1. Reckless should host a 2v2 event, kinda like what @Jacob Rogersdid.
  2. What kind of pics? @Tristan just kidding will do!
  3. @RisingRonin nah not Disney world, Orlando just for the rides.
  4. I will miss you @John Falcon
  5. Hello everyone, on the 18th I will be leaving to go to Manchester, staying the night at a hotel and leaving for the airport in the morning (19th) I will then be boarding a Thomas cook airplane for 9-10 hours heading to California, I will be staying there a few days then moving on to Las Vegas and other states. I will be going to Orlando (must do) and going to a firing range to shoot an M16 a p226 and something else (I'm a gun noob, please don't hurt me) I will be gone from the 18th of July to the 7th of August. I hope you guys enjoy your freedom without me, au revoir! @Steve @RisingRonin
  6. About time! Speak to you soon.
  7. Store --> Malden Life Donator --> Reckless Life Donator --> Choose Options . https://gyazo.com/a3f19040ecb83446e4f7047c977c4d16 https://gyazo.com/49c283bae2211a72655a2d1c651fa0b2 Store --> Malden Life Donator --> VIP Life Server Slot --> Choose Options. https://gyazo.com/507e07337d39c01c74bb2cd93ade4811 https://gyazo.com/29b9e76cdb7f298fc2917503fa505a9b
  8. @Gewchie The button on peoples profiles that says "Link Altis Life DB" Should be Malden life DB
  9. Malden life coming soon banner even though it's out. https://gyazo.com/5179413f2a6d15cd663ae4148b426222 Altis life investor banner even though it's malden. https://gyazo.com/138f7f49e3df210ef70d50cf74e1c800 TeamSpeak 3 Altis life admin tag even though it's malden. https://gyazo.com/5c8133c1907abbbe9a14fee54a348a5d Altis life donator even though it's malden life. https://gyazo.com/b67e0bd558ca4fc4e6bb0aac3b1ec2f0 Altis life information even though it's malden life. https/gyazo.com/f9287570cb4894fe76b94ed5b2e593b0 ** This is to simply help out not to be winey **

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