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  1. Should RGN Continue Arma 3?

    Reckless should host a 2v2 event, kinda like what @Jacob Rogersdid.
  2. Altis Life I miss you

    Why GSN was so good. EMS HQ. EMS striders so medics are better protected. admins everywhere. Hatchback sports were donator only so people could barely run from cops // stopped trolls. Rebels were rare and if you came across them they were feared. (TTT) Rebels were the better party, cops would loose more often, rebels were just better and had better stuff and that's how it was. In order for life maps to work, the civs have to be the more over powered, civs keep the server alive they are the main population.
  3. Holiday!

    What kind of pics? @Tristan just kidding will do!
  4. Holiday!

    @RisingRonin nah not Disney world, Orlando just for the rides.
  5. Holiday!

    I will miss you @John Falcon
  6. Holiday!

    Hello everyone, on the 18th I will be leaving to go to Manchester, staying the night at a hotel and leaving for the airport in the morning (19th) I will then be boarding a Thomas cook airplane for 9-10 hours heading to California, I will be staying there a few days then moving on to Las Vegas and other states. I will be going to Orlando (must do) and going to a firing range to shoot an M16 a p226 and something else (I'm a gun noob, please don't hurt me) I will be gone from the 18th of July to the 7th of August. I hope you guys enjoy your freedom without me, au revoir! @Steve @RisingRonin
  7. Looking For Testers (New Theme!)

    More than happy to help!
  8. Intro by Badger

    About time! Speak to you soon.
  9. completed Adding charges.

    Everytime you add a charge it closes the menu back to the Y menu. This is going to make adding charges a painful process.
  10. Donation - Paronity - 10.0!

    Cheers man!
  11. Probably time I Introduce myself!

    Yorkshire, not bad!