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  1. There comes a time in your career where you have run a train more miles than you have driven a car...
  2. Simulation Games

    I love simulation games! Currently I'm playing UEBS and House Party..
  3. ewww amtrak. union pacific freight for life son

  4. Picture Thread!

    Crack Kills!! @Jack Reddington
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  6. Kamil Toe :Kappa: 

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    2. Sammy The Seal
    3. Kam


      Y'all some creeps, straight up

      That seal on the news today tho? @Sammy The Seal

    4. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Lol saw that ???

  7.  Vato Loco! 

    1. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Are you being racist Kam just because im Mexican doesn't  mean you have the right to say that. I think I would like to file a report on your for being Racist. Can't believe a community member would say something like that. uGH

    2. Kam
    3. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Vatos locos or MS13

  8. Why is ur profile pic a train?? 

    1. Jack Reddington

      Jack Reddington

      Because he be running trains on hood rats xdddddd

    2. Smash
    3. Sammy The Seal
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  10. Congratulations Everybody!
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  14. Hey there guys!

    Welcome dude
  15. other I'm taking a break

    Good luck! Pop in here and there.